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Review Sony Vaio Series Y (VPC-Y210FL).html



i3-330UM Intel to 1.20 GHz with HyperThreading and HD4500 graphics (more details

HM55 Intel Express chipset.

3 GB of DDR3 memory.

800.Disco SATA-2 320 GB at 5400 RPM.

13.3 inch LCD Display, maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

VGA and HDMI outputs.

3 USB ports.

2 Port FireWire400.

ExpressCard/34 slot.

SD card reader and MemoryStick.Ethernet of 1 Gbps and wi-fi to 150 Mbps

Bluetooth 2.1.

VGA.Audio HD Webcam, microphone and headphone jacks 3.5 mm.

6-cell Sony laptop battery.

For those looking for something between a netbook and a notebook, but there are few attractive options in the category of ultralight laptops. The best I could find after reading reviews and comments from users for months, are UL Series Y Series Asus and Sony. Finally I decided on the latter, then why I comment.

The design is elegant and modern at the same time, features the company’s usual aesthetic, colored aluminum casing and black keys and base color. The build quality of this notebook is excellent, with no flex in the keyboard or mechanisms that can present problems in the future. No heat, and can be used on your legs warm as it remains perfectly still require full capacity, the low-power processor (CULV) dissipates little heat, and continued use of the disc also greatly increases the temperature of the equipment. Its dimensions are 32.6 cm. wide, 22.7 deep and 2.3 to 3.2 cm high, with a total weight of 1.78 kg

The relationship between performance and battery life is excellent. Despite having a lower speed to i3-330 for desktops, the processor has enough power to have multiple applications open without any noticeable slow, while when at low idle speed to 667 MHz (5 x 133). With the included battery, the notebook can last up to 6 hours on when the wi-fi enabled, and 10 hours or more with the 9 cell. The hard disk performance is good considering its 5400 RPM, with the HD Tach 2.55 got about 71 MB / sec transfer, and a burst rate of 87 MB / sec.

The display quality is superior to most notebooks on the market, with good contrast and acceptable viewing angles, while its anti-reflective filter allows us to fully use outdoors. The integrated Intel graphics processor allows us to use the Aero interface smoothly on Windows 7, with full HD video playback smooth, and even run some 3D games if we set in low quality and resolution no greater than 1024 × 768.

The score I got with the 3DMark06 (standard) was 1092, whereas in Windows the score is 3.6. Those who need a little more speed on the graphics for 3D games, the series will have to consider from Asus, it supports nVidia Optimus technology (although it is important to note that the build quality and components as the display is not as good)

Chiclet keyboard feature of the Vaio is very comfortable to write, especially if we do it at high speed and using all fingers. The touchpad is good enough to not need to carry an external mouse, but as a complaint, I can not believe that in the SonyStyle of Argentina does not have an optional bluetooth mouse (Dell themselves are offered on some models)….

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