Friday, November 5, 2010

Tips to Prevents your laptop from overheat in Summer


One drawback of laptops is overheat. With a shrinking size, all laptop manufacturers make laptop with thermal materials to keep the balance between power and temperature.

At the risk of offending the manufacturers, it seems obvious that they not always get that balance.Most notebooks like (HP pavilion dv5 battery) have serious temperature problems, and more so at this time of summer, as the temperature does not help cooling. Here are some tips from for your computer, and by extension your laptop, not like a steak roast.

Keep free ventilation

Though small and well camouflaged, there are many vents. It is vital to ensure that your Dell inspiron 15 battery have a free method to expel hot air. Otherwise, the computer will become an oven.

The laptops are designed for use on flat surfaces, leaving a small space for such grids (thanks to the feet.) If you put the laptop on a soft surface like a blanket, the legs go down, and the ventilation is blocked.

Cleaning laptop

It is pointless for the grids have a free hand if they are blocked with dust and dirt. A regular basic cleaning and help keep your HP pavilion dv4 battery cool and running like a charm.

If you are not going to use for a while, keep it stored where it can not catch dust. If you have a furry pet, do not let the hair rampant through your house. A vacuum cleaner can help remove the hair that may have been introduced to the fans. If you're brave enough, you can open the computer and clean it thoroughly, and here's how.

Laptop Cooling Stand

The use of cooling stand is almost obligatory in most cases, they can reduce the HP pavilion dv8000 battery temperature around 10 degrees or so. Unfortunately, the quality often leaves much to be desired. Avoid buying "cheap" cooling stand because it will break soon after out of the box.

Note that larger diameter fans make less noise, but probably cover less space than two smaller ones. In essence, there are two kinds with different characteristics: plastic and metal (the first is cheaper, the second looks better but can become a pan).

Energy Saving

As you use your Dell inspiron 1440 battery computer, it is inevitable that this warms. We will not ask you to stop using it, but you can minimize the time it is on, energy-saving setting Windows to turn off the screen, suspend or hibernate after a certain period of inactivity.

In the article on how to increase your battery life and we provide some recommendations and programs for a more efficient energy consumption. Everything is summarized in the maxim "Let him rest when not in use."

Less CPU usage

Laptop computers are smart: if they do not need all the power, not use, saving Dell inspiron 1545 battery power and also winning in freshness. Although these machines are almost as powerful than desktop computers, make the most of the graphics market last game under the sweltering heat of summer, it is probably the last thing you can do with it.

The more your HP pavilion dv9000 battery computer has to work hard, earn a higher temperature. A powerful graphics card is usually a time bomb in terms of temperature, and the same will happen if your hard drives have to constantly work overtime.

In short, keep a laptop cool is not easy. Common sense, a laptop cooling stand and reduce some of the monitoring programs that we saw in the selection of programs for laptops will be helpful.

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