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How to use a external monitor for your laptop

As we all know the laptop's advantage compare to Desktop is light and portable. Mst laptop's screen is between 12 - 17 inch. Generally the 17inch laptop is a little heavy (about 7 pounds), in the market 60% laptop are 15-16 inch wide screen. When we use our laptop to watch movie or play some 3D video game, the laptop small screen is the too small to work. So we use another 21-inch or bigger monitor as a external screen.

But how to use a external monitor for your laptop? The content below take Dell Inspiron 1545 battery for example to introduce the detail step.

1. Buy a External monitor. You can buy a suitable size monitor for your need. Usually watch movie need 21-inch or more, playing Video game 19 inch screen is enough.

2.Buy a connect wire. Most laptops built today include an external monitor connection. Most are VGA, but some are starting to include DVI digital video connections instead. You just need to buy a VGA or DVI wire to connect the laptop to monitor.

3. Connect one end of the DVI or VGA cord to the DVI or VGA port of your laptop and the other end to the monitor. Your laptop (XPS M1210 battery) should automatically identify the external monitor as a new hardware device.

4. Active the external monitor. They are not enabled by default. You need to take action to send video out that port. Typically, and this varies from laptop to laptop, however is often either: Fn + F3, F4, F5, F8, or F9. The function key will often be labeled as CRT/LCD and/or have a picture of a monitor on the key or close to the key.

5. Close the laptop screen. Some laptops also have the ability to have the display on both the laptop and external display and/or one or the other at a single time. Laptops with this ability can switch between these modes by continuing to press the same function keys until in the mode the user wants. Dell Inspiron 6400 battery also is Fn + F7.

6. Set the new resolution or "size" pixels in laptop Display setting. As the likelihood of the LCD and the external monitor being the same resolution or "size" in pixels is very low. Unless the monitor is detected or setup in the operating system, it may not work properly or will only display at the default resolution. If you wish to change the external display's resolution, make sure the monitor is detected by the operating system.

In the end I suggest you do not use your laptop battery when using external monitor. It may exhaust your laptop battery power in 1 hours or less.

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How to replace laptop hard drive

As the faulty operate and power sudden off, our laptop hard drive may fail. Or our hard drive is too small to store the enough Documents music and movie. In this situation we should replace a big new hard drive for our laptop. But the work is not easy as the Dell laptop battery light thin and Fragile particularity. So we must do everything carefully in the course of replacing the hard drive.

Remove the Hard Drive must notice the following instructions

  • NOTE: Dell does not guarantee that you will provide support for the acquisition of the hard drive or from a source other than Dell.

  • Note: Before you begin the procedure in this section, Product Information Guide please follow the safety instructions.

  • However, if the Inspiron 1545 Battery drive is still hot, remove the hard drive from a computer warning: Please do not touch the metal housing of the hard drive.

  • Note: Before removing the hard drive to prevent loss of data off the computer. Meanwhile, please do not remove the hard drive when the computer turn on or sleep state.

  • Note: Hard drives are extremely fragile. Be careful when handling the hard drive.

Removing hard drive

  1. Follow these steps before you begin.

  2. Turn the computer over and remove two screws of Latitude D620 Battery hard drive.

  3. spears_h

    1 Screws (2) Two Hard Drives

  4. Note: Although not on the computer hard drive and store it in protective antistatic packaging ( "protection against electrostatic discharge", see the Product Information Guide).

  5. Slide the hard drive of your Dell XPS M1730 Battery computer.

  6. Down to separate the cover from the hard drive (one from each side of the cover of one hard drive), then remove the two screws 2.

  7. spearsa3

    1 Hard drive cover 2. Two Screws (3) Three Hard Drives

Replacing the hard drive

Note: Before you begin, and begin the procedure in this section, Product Information Guide please follow the safety instructions.

Note: Hard drives are extremely fragile. Be careful when handling the Dell Vostro 1510 battery hard drive.

In order to secure the cover to your hard drive and hard drive cover, please tighten the two screws 2.

Note: Use to evenly apply pressure, then slide the hard drive. Excessive force may damage the Sony VGP-BPS8 connector.

To be attached to the drive bays are full, and then slide the hard drive.

Replace Two screws to protect the VGP-BPS9 hard drives.

Install the operating system of your computer if necessary ( "to restore your operating system please see the" Your owner's manual).

When you install the drivers and utilities for your Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery computer ( "" owner's manual to see if necessary to reinstall the drivers and utilities).

Now all the work are done. You can use you laptop to listen music watching movie or download more software from internet. hopes that help you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Save money in replacing laptop battery

Was your laptop battery completely dead? Well, do not throw them away at the moment. You have several options to return to the track and use your notebook or laptop. You could be paying a cost of 40 $, which is typical for the cost of a replacement battery.

A word of warning, I would not buy a new replacement unless the Sony VGP-BPS9/B battery is completely useless, and is on the way to recycling.

Ok The cheaper alternative is to replace the Cell Pack in the XPS M1330 Battery. So you have to remove the battery from your laptop. Proceed to open the package carefully, using a screwdriver should be fine. Inside are a number of battery Cells.

If they are leaking then you may consider stopping this process. If they continue I must stress to be very careful.

Ok now you must identify the replacement XPS M1530 Battery (cells) and note exactly how they are connected. You should verify that the cells are dead by testing with a multimeter or other device.

Once you have identified which one is dead and need to replace, should have a slightly higher milliampere value the old. After receiving the replacements you need to do any welding, using safety equipment and make sure that all connections are intact. At this moment, you should try the new batteries to ensure they operate properly.

Place the Inspiron 1520 Battery case back together and seal. Place the unit back into the laptop and start enjoying your laptop.

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