Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Digital camera battery daily maintenance


At present, there are two types of digital camera batteries, professional lithium batteries and 5 AA batteries. The professional lithium battery is very light, high capacity, environmental protection, and no memory effect, but the price is expensive, and can’t be use generally. Ni-Mh battery with high capacity, and discharge deeply, and durable to charge and discharge, short charge time and other obvious advantage. The most important of all is cheap and can be use generally.

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No matter what kind of Sony NP-BG1 battery, as long as it company sale with digital camera, the user manual will indicate the attention items, some manufacturers even print out a single user guide of Canon NB-4L battery, and charger. Those manual are the basic but useful maintain instruction, such as the charge method, charge time of the battery. It is necessary for the new users to take few times to read it.

Normal users don’t have a professional bag to store the battery when use the digital camera, they usually put the battery randomly no matter the place is clean or wet after replace the battery. It is easy to dirty the battery, and contact with metal things, such as key, it also maybe wet, those are the enemy of battery.

Suggestion: User should find a professional position for the Nikon EN-EL3E battery, and keep its clean. In order to avoid the power losing or any other problem, keep clean of battery two side touch point and battery cover, you can clean it with soft dry cloth when necessary.

If long time no need to use the digital camera, then you must take out the Fujifilm NP-40 battery from the camera and store it in dry and cool environment. Regarding the Ni-Mh battery, it should be discharged fully then store it or store it with power? The two different point, should adopt which one? A lot of people choose the former, but I think it is more reasonable to store the battery with power. Because according to the test, the best condition of storing a Ni-Mh Olympus Li-12b battery is with 80% power. This is due to the Ni-Mh battery discharge itself at 10-15% monthly. As you can as well, the new Ni-Mh battery always have power, it is the same reason.

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