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How to optimize your computer perfomance

How to optimize your computer perfomance

After used for a time, we can obviously feel that our computer getting more and more slow. The start time extend from 30 seconds to 1 minutes or more. When we use the computer to play game or wacthing video, the computer suddenly freeze. Then we should restart the laptop battery. Let me introduce some simple maintenance once or twice a month can make a difference in performance on all of his team.

  • Spyware, adware and viruses must be detected and cleaned frequently to maximize the efficiency of your computer.

  • Your Dell inspiron 1545 battery hard drive and personal files will be stored and managed properly to ensure that they are not damaged in the course.

  • Valuable information must be supported by a separate storage source such as a CD or DVD.

Use the following steps to clean the PC and then examine the steps in the Protect your PC against the most common problems to defend the security.

Step 1 - to undo harmful changes to the Windows System Restore

Undo harmful changes to the Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery using Windows System Restore. This tool is located in front of your computer to a date that unwanted software is installed or started receiving the annoying pop-ups

Step 2 - Malicious Software Removal

Install anti-virus software and keep virus definition files current is the best way to preserve the health of your computer. Test your Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery computer's exposure to online security threats and learn more about the HP recommends anti-virus solution on the connection from Symantec Security.

Step 3 - Manage efficiently drive

Manage your hard disk more efficiently using Microsoft Windows built-in system tools. Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery Disk Cleanup deletes temporary files and other data that make the computer slower.
Defragmentation program takes all the scattered data and grouped them together in the front of the unit and helps your hard drive work faster and more data.

In the end we advice you backup your computer and reinstall your OS once a year.

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Methods of discharge : C-Rate

Methods of discharge : C-Rate

The task of a battery is to store energy and deliver it in a desired time and a controlled way again. In this section, we will discharge the laptop battery at different C-examine the DOD to assess attitudes, in which a battery can be discharged without danger. We will also observe how deep discharges can affect the life expectancy of a battery.

What is the C-rate?

The charging and discharging of a battery is known as the C-coefficient. Most portable batteries are set to 1C. This means that a Dell laptop battery with 1000mAh can submit a current of 1000mA for one hour, when the coefficient is 1C. If the same battery is discharged at 0.5 C, they are at 500mA from 2 hours. At 2C, the 1000mAh battery delivers 2000mA for 30 minutes. 1C is often referred to as 1-hour discharge, a 0.5 C would mean a 2-hour, and a 0.1 C, a 10-hour discharge.

The capacity of a Toshiba PA3535U-1BRS battery is usually measured with a battery analyzer. If the declaration is made for the capacity of the analyzer in percent of rated capacity, 100% would be shown if a 1000mAh battery can deliver this current for 1 hour. If the battery lasts only 30 minutes until shutdown is displayed 50%. A new battery sometimes provides more than 100%.

If a battery is discharged with an analyzer that is capable of using various Entladekoeffizienten C, higher capacitance values are observed when the Toshiba PA3400U-1BRS battery is discharged with a lower C-coefficients and vice versa. When unloading a 1000mAh battery at 2C, i.e. 2000mA, the analyzer is programmed so that he takes the full capacity within 30 minutes. Theoretically, the capacitance measurement should be the same as at a slower discharge, since the same energy is collected only in a shorter time. Due to internal energy losses and a voltage reduction, the battery will quickly reach the lower Spannungsabschalteschwelle and capacity measurement may therefore fall to around 95%. A discharge the same battery of 0.5 C, i.e. 500mA, while 2 hours can increase the capacity resulting measurement of approximately 105%. The differences in the capacity measurements with different C-coefficients have a relationship with the internal resistance of the battery.

A Toshiba PA3421U-1BRS battery that at 1C discharge is not working well, is the portable sealed lead-acid battery. To get a reasonably good capacity measurement, the manufacturers usually recommend one of these batteries Entladekoeffizienten of 0.05 C ie 20 hours. Even at such a slow discharge, it is difficult to reach a capacity of 100%. As compensation for the various measurements at several discharge currents, manufacturers offer a so-called capacity balancing. The capacity compensation is used to correct the reading of the capacity value. He in no way increases the battery life, it corrects only the capacity calculation when using smaller or larger C-coefficients than those that are specified by the manufacturer.

Lithium-Ion/Polymer Toshiba PA3591U-1BRS batteries are electronically protected against high discharge. Depending on the battery model, the discharge current is limited between 1C and 2C. This protective measure will cause lithium-ion batteries for biomedical applications and tools that have a high inrush current that can not be used.

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The charging of lithium-ion batteries B

The charging of lithium-ion batteries B

Some chargers promise a fast charging lithium-ion Dell laptop batteries in one hour or less. Such chargers skip Step 2 and go straight to "Ready / Ready" at the end of stage 1 At this point, however, the charge level only at about 75%. The achievement of the full charge requires I.รก. times longer than level 1

There is no floating charge created as stand lithium-ion Dell RN873 do not overcharge. In their place, a short Endladephase is added, which compensates for the small self-discharge of the battery and the power requirements of the protection circuit. This Endladephase may need to be repeated every 20 days, depending on the battery. In general, the charging process is active when the open terminal voltage drops to 4.05V/Zelle, and turns off when the terminal voltage has reached 4.20V/Zelle.

But what happens when a battery is inadvertently overcharged? Lithium Ion Dell hd438 , Dell KD186 is built to operate safely within their normal voltage range, but it becomes unstable if it is charged to higher voltages. When is charged via 4.30V/Zelle, formed on the anode, a metallic lithium layer, the cathode material begins to oxidize, losing the stability and development of oxygen. Overloading leads to overheating of the cell. If this is ignored, can lead to inflammation.
It will be made great efforts to avoid overloading and deep discharging too.

Commercial lithium-ion batteries contain a protection circuit which limits the charging voltage on 4.30V/Zelle, 0.1V/Zelle higher than the threshold voltage of the charger. A temperature sensor shuts off the process when the cell temperature reached 90 ° C, and a mechanical pressure switch interrupts is definitely in the charge circuit when the safety threshold is reached for the pressure. Except to the spinel batteries () magnesium-based, which contain one or two small cells.

Extremely low voltages must also be monitored. The protective circuit is so constructed that it also interrupts the circuit when the battery is inadvertently discharged below 2.50V/Zelle. At this voltage the protection circuit will disable the laptop battery and recharge with the help of an ordinary charger is no longer possible.

There are various measures to prevent deep discharge. The device protects the battery by interrupting the discharge has reached a voltage of 2.7 to 3.0V/Zelle. Battery manufacturers ship the Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery with a capacity of 40% to allow for self-discharge during storage. Technically better batteries contain a "Weckschaltung", where the protective circuit only allows a flow of current after the battery has been reactivated with the help of a short charge. This allows for longer storage.

The battery life and aging

The battery life and aging

Rechargeable laptop battery have become an essential part of portable electronic devices. The following information will help you understand better how the battery performs.

There are three common types of rechargeable Dell XPS M140 Battery in portable electronic devices in use today: Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion). Most laptop batteries are lithium-ion batteries, so allow me some battery life of lithium-ion and aging.

Battery life depends on product configuration, product model, applications loaded on the product, power management settings, used the product and product features by the customer. as with all batteries, maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time or use.

all batteries gradually lose their ability to hold a charge. The Dell XPS M1330 Battery life is the number of charge cycles and food materials before the battery can no longer hold a useful amount of cargo.

This loss in capacity (aging) is irreversible and can not be restored. Gradually, less and less active material is in each electrochemical cell are available to store a charge. Therefore, the battery provides less time for the power of the computer useful.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Dell XPS M1530 Battery usually have a lifespan of 300 to 500 cycles. With moderate use, Li-ion batteries can be expected to deliver approximately 80% of its original capacity after 300 cycles or about one year, see the use (chart).

Note: The above table shows the 80% of original Dell Latitude D820 Battery capacity after 300 cycles at an operating temperature between 77 ° C and 104 ° F (25 ° C and 40 ° C). Higher temperatures may be operating at 70% or more of the loss of function, the same number of cycles.

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How to replace the laptop Keyboard

How to replace the laptop Keyboard

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Last Sunday I play a game with my daughter Ling Chan beside my desk. When I lift her body to flying I pour a cup of tea to my Dell Inspiron 6000. Unfortunately the laptop is running with the wireless. Immediately I shut down the laptop battery and found that the keyboard failed as some tea pull into it.

As we all know the dell Customer serive guaranty is two slow. If I send the machine to Dell, I must pay 50 Dollar to replace the keyboard and wait for at least 3 weeks to get the repaired laptop. So I decided to repair it myself.

I buy a Dell inspiron 6000 battery replacement keyboard in Then I search some articles about how to replace the laptop keyboard with Google. Now the time for me DIY to replace the laptop keyboard. First I should remove the keyboar from laptop then I install the keyboard into it. Let me introduce the whole course to you step by step.

NOTE: To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself with a grounding strap or periodically an unpainted metal surface (eg a port touched on the back of the computer,

NOTE: To prevent damage to the system board, remove the battery from the Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS battery before starting work inside the computer.

Remove the laptop keyboard

  • Remove the control center of the cover beside IBM Thinkpad X200 Battery.

  • Remove the two screws on the top of the keyboard.

  • NOTE: The key caps on the keyboard are shifted fragile, easily, and replace the time. Be careful when removing and handling the Dell Latitude D830 Battery keyboard.

  • Lift the keyboard and hold and easy access to the keyboard port.

  • To disconnect the keyboard cable into the keyboard port on the system board, rotate the keyboard connector latch toward the front of the computer.

  • Slide the keyboard cable connector on the keyboard.

  • 1. Screws (2) 2. Keyboard 3. Keyboard tabs (5) 4. Keyboard cable 5. Keyboard connector closure. The picture from :

Replace the laptop keyboard

  • Slide the keyboard into the socket on the Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery keyboard .

  • Rotate the keyboard connector latch to secure the cable.

  • Align the tabs on the bottom and slide the keyboard under the palm rest.

  • Click on the right side at the top of the keyboard available for the plug.

  • Replace the two screws on the top of the Dell inspiron 1545 battery keyboard.

In the end test the new keyboard is useful and sensitive. Another advise you'd better usa a external USB keyboard when not mobile using.

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How to replace the speaker from a laptop

How to replace the speaker from a laptop

As far as we know the laptop self speaker are low quality and Easily damaged part. We always use it to call in the internet with our friends and family. The bad speaker can not transport the clear avoice to the chatting person by the internet. So we usually will replace a good speaker and laptop battery the time we buy a new laptop.

My work need to use Skype to connect the foreign Customers usually. So we should replace a new high quality speaker for my Lenovo ThinkPad T60 battery. I buy a new sony laptop speaker from and replace it by myself. The whole couse will be done in two steps : 1. Removing the speaker from laptop. 2. Replace the new speaker on the motherboard.

Removing the Speaker Assembly

  • Follow the instructions below before you begin.

  • Remove the center control cover which besides the Dell Latitude D610 Battery.

  • .
  • Remove the keyboard.

  • Remove the display assembly.

  • Disconnect the speaker cable from the Dell U4873 Dell D5318 system board.

  • Remove the four screws that mount the speakers at the base of the computer.

  • Remove the speaker assembly.

  • spears_c

Replacing the Speaker Assembly

  • Align the gracious leadership in the speaker assembly with the guide posts on the bottom of the computer, the smaller is the lock assembly.

  • Insert the four mounting screws back the Dell Inspiron 640m Battery cover .

  • Route the speaker wire carefully through the routing channel.

  • Connect the speaker cables to the system board.

  • The display assembly (see Replacing the Display Assembly Substitute).

  • Replace the keyboard (see Replacing) the Dell Inspiron 710m Battery keyboard.

  • Replace the center control cover (see Replacing the Center Control Cover).

Then you can use your new speaker to talk with your friends on the internet now.

Laptop battery Safety circuits

Laptop battery Safety circuits

A modern laptop battery is a delicate device that requires protection against damage. The most common protection is a fuse that opens if there is a too onerous. Some backups will lead to a permanent opening for the battery disable, for example if the fuse wire is blown. Other safety devices are resettable. The polyswitch ™ is such a resettable fuse. Incorporated into the current path of the battery, this device is a high impedance at too high a burden. The polyswitch ™ returns to its normal function as soon as the situation returns to normal.

Batteries in an explosive environment must be explosion proof. Hazardous environment includes oil refineries, mines, grain elevators and fuel stations at airports. Such zones are predestined for the use of wireless communications and mobile computing. Non-explosive Toshiba PA3399U-1BRS to prevent too great heat and may cause electric sparks with defective equipment. Due to the strict licensing requirements, the cost of battery explosion two are three times higher than for standard batteries.

Another battery that provides the highest protection devices is the lithium-ion battery. This is done to provide security in all circumstances, because it is in the hands of a wide audience. Typically, a field-effect transistor (FET) will be opened if the charging voltage is reached from any cell 4.30V. A separate fuse opens when the cell temperature reaches 90 ° C. In addition, a switch will interrupt permanently in each Toshiba PA3451U-1BRS cell of the charge current when the pressure safety threshold has been exceeded the value of about 10bar (150 psi). To protect the battery against overload, the load path is interrupted by the fuse circuit at approximately 2.50 V / cell. Longer storage at voltages of 1.5 volts per cell and deep damage to the lithium-ion battery can, and create security problems when trying to recharge the battery.

Each parallel string of cells in a lithium-ion battery requires an independent voltage monitor. The more cells are connected in series, the more complex the security posture. Four Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS cells in series, the practical limit for commercial applications.

The internal protection circuitry shall be designed so that the lowest resistance is built into the load path. The circuit in a Zellulartelefonbatterie consists of two FET switches in series. A FET is responsible for the upper, the other FET for the lower voltage switching threshold. The joint resistance of the two FETs is idle 50-100 milliohms (mW). This virtually doubles the internal resistance of the Toshiba PA3107U-1BRS battery.

A critical problem arises if static electricity or a faulty charger destroyed the protective circuit of the battery. This can lead to permanent ON state of the circuit breaker, without which the operator knows anything about it. A battery with a faulty protection circuit may function normally, but offers no further protection. If a charge is about the safety threshold, eg by a defective charger, a leakage of gas made with inflammation. Such a situation must be avoided at all costs. Such a Toshiba PA3331U-1BRS battery to close shortly, can lead to an explosion.

Small lithium-ion batteries containing magnesium chemicals that contain one or two cells may include a fuse as protection. Magnesium is more tolerant than cobalt, and these cells are regarded as safe when they are small.

Although less expensive, the absence of a protection circuit brings a new problem. Zellulartelefonanwender we'll have access to Toshiba PA3450U-1BRS chargers that rely on the protection circuit to stop the load. Without a protective circuit, the cell voltage will rise too much and thus damaging the battery. Too much heat, even the swelling may be the result. The use of the battery and the charger should be halted when a lithium-ion battery is hot.

To ensure safety, manufacturers sell lithium Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS batteries, not separately, but always assembled into a battery, fully integrated with the safety circuit. The circuit is often the object of a special examination before the producer cells, and circuitry for assembly at liberty. Although there were several incidents involving leaks and infections, should the lithium-ion batteries are known to be safe.

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How to maintain radio batteries?

How to maintain radio batteries?

When charging a laptop battery is finally the green light illuminate the charger, as an indication that the battery is fully charged. The user concludes that the battery has reached its full potential and can be used with full confidence.

The 'green light' lies

The 'green light' does not guarantee that the battery capacity is large enough, or that the 'state of health (SoH)' is good. "Ready" says only that the battery was full, we were keenly whatever capacity, which was filled.

The rechargeable Dell M1330 battery is a corrosive entity that the property of being able to save energy lose, gradually. The lack of periodic maintenance for batteries based on nickel accelerates the loss of capacity due to crystal formation, also known as memory effect. For lead batteries or lithium-based learn other aging-related deterioration. The capacity loss is noticeable after one year of use. Some batteries deteriorate faster than others.

Battery users are often unaware that the batteries of their fleet lasted barely a day, even with minimal energy output. Weak ThinkPad T40 Battery can be hidden easily, because demands on an ordinary day but little power they are. The situation changes when full power is required in an emergency. The collapse of portable communication is frequent, and those margins are often motivated by poor battery performance.

Weak batteries will be loaded faster and stay longer on 'ready' as the stronger. Bad Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Battery tend to show too good results and the inexperienced user thinks the battery has reached its target capacity. If necessary in an emergency situation, a quick charge may, however, batteries that are labeled 'ready / willing' to be unusable. At the same time, good batteries are still charged more because they can absorb more energy.

With the big time performance differences arise between the batteries if the batteries of the fleet are not regularly checked and maintained. Figure 2 shows 4 Dell G5266 Dell GW240 of different sizes and with different states of health. When watching the usable and unusable parts of the batteries, you can see that a larger battery can not necessarily save more energy. The affected batteries with memory effect B and D have less energy than the smaller battery A. The carrying of larger batteries or the use of chemistries with greater energy density improves the reliability of the system, if not weak batteries are left in the fleet.

A weak MacBook Pro 13 inch Battery can be compared with a crushed fuel tank of a vehicle. The filling of this tank is quickly terminated because fuel has very little space. As the green light on the charger is the fuel gauge 'FULL' Display if the tank is filled, for the driver and everything seems to be normal. Nevertheless, the distance that can be completed until the next refueling, be small.

Batteries contain no fuel gauge to check the remaining energy, and a regular battery maintenance is required. The gain of such a service is, you detect and remove poorly performing Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch Battery, improves reliability and extends the battery life of nickel-based batteries. Weak batteries that have the memory effect can often be regenerated with the help of a full maintenance with a battery analyzer that includes a regeneration program.

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How to better using your car battery Part Two

How to better using your car battery Part Two

4 - Lifting and replace the battery

For the purpose of raising the Dell Latitude D420 Battery must be open and the separation of cables and start racing as we must disconnect the negative cable first and then the positive cable and you should not use force or violence when the disassembly in order not to get damage to link emerging from within the battery Terminal As shown in the picture below.


For the purpose of raising the Dell Latitude D820 Battery must care and caution, especially that were not equipped Bmmsk and the holder of the special battery heavy and may fall, causing spills acid solution and the destruction of the dye and a metal car, or may cause damage to the engine that landed by mistake.

5 - Installing the new battery

Must also be done carefully and install the XPS M1710 battery cables and make sure that the end of the cable clamps related to negative or positive non-worn or Mthrcp diameter and is suitable for Qatar as a connector on the battery is important to note that the diagonal of the node positive and negative points is equal and this means that the lattices related Eabelin positive and negative as well as with different Qtarhama terms.

When installing the clip preferably Chhimh very light layer of petroleum jelly material to prevent corrosion.

And then re-install the battery holder and installed into place to ensure that the specified movement.

6 - Use of sealed batteries, Sealed No Maintenance Batteries modern that do not require maintenance

Containing the battery was appointed to monitor the status of the ThinkPad X41 Tablet Battery . When careful consideration by the index was green, it means that the battery is good, loaded, and the scene was a dark (black) means that the battery needed for shipping and that was the color yellow or colorless, the battery is worn out and must be replaced, and here must be examined carefully and with a lamp detector to make sure.

This type of battery does not need to maintain and add distilled water to examine the density and quality of the solution, but know the condition of the battery and the validity of the eye examination, as explained nose.

Is very appropriate for our country because of the high ambient temperature, which usually cause an increase in evaporation of water from a solution of Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Batteryin summer and cause dryness and damage to the battery, especially when the loss of follow-up and ongoing monitoring of how many batteries does a lot of drivers of vehicles.

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Anyhow5 !

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6 steps to better using your Car Battery: Part One

6 steps to better using your Car Battery: Part One

Simple steps and through the illustrations you can take care of your car laptop battery. Maintain it in good condition as long as possible and avoid to replace a new battery.

1 - cleaning cables (connectors)

Cleans the surface of the Inspiron 1521 Battery up and take note of any corrosion on the heads and clips (a tablespoon of soda (bicarbonate), then dissolved a cup of warm water and non-metallic brush to rubbe the cleared sediment and then pours cold water to remove these sediment and the bicarbonates.

But before you disconnect the cable, be sure that do not lose the programming may be used in some devices of car attachement such as radio programming, radio stations. You can use this simple link (shown below the image) to ensure the electrical power supply suitable for the memory of those devices during the battery separation period. 9 volts Dell Inspiron 710m Battery is enough to temporary keep the memory of radio electric and would be sufficient for a period of a hour.


Now it is possible that ... The picture Via

Separating the cables and start the negative cable to prevent accidental short-circuit (Short Circuit to car body), using the header key measure Drill 5 / 16 in Box Wrench or any other nut install a link cable, and then clean the grate and brushing link Bgha Almgamsp solution of bicarbonates can also soak the cup containing the link to the bicarbonates to get rid of acid deposition on lattice and calcifying link.

2 - open manhole covers of battery

And check the level of the acid solution within the view of the battery through the holes, where the level must be the solution about 1 / 2 Ang lead-up sheet inside the Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery , in the case of the low level of this strengthens the addition of distilled water to raise the level of liquid to 1 / 2 Ang required, and attention should be not to add a lot of distilled water causing rash solution outside of the battery.

Should be left for the distilled water to mix with the solution in the meantime, check and inspect the body of the battery from the cracks or broken as in this case requires replacement of the battery with new ones.

After it is better to re-connect cables to the Latitude X300 Battery so as not to lose the programming of peripheral devices.

3 - Checking the battery charge

Density of the solution should be checked using a test known as Almkthav Hydrometer the Latitude D830 Battery is fully charged when the readings in all the holes is 1.265 or higher, and if the reads 1.200 or less, it means that the battery had lost its shipped and must be re-shipped (and this test and reading mean specific gravity the solution).

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Choosing the right battery for laptop: Part Two

Choosing the right battery for laptop: Part Two

The laptop battery life

A laptop battery in a laptop is aging faster than in other types of use, because of the heat. The use of a laptop's internal temperature rises to 45 ° C. The combination of high temperature and promotes the full state of charge Zellenoxydation, a circumstance which, if once present can not be undone.

The life expectancy of the Sony VGP-BPS8 battery when it is working with high ambient temperatures, is only half as large, such as in moderate 20 ° C or. If a laptop left in a parked car, made worse in the blazing sun, the situation also. All batteries suffer permanent capacity loss, due to high temperatures but lithium-ion is more affected than other battery chemistries.

Some Japanese computer manufacturers have introduced a number of notebooks, for which the Dell Latitude D600 battery is arranged outside, and is a part of the housing. This design increases the battery life because the battery operates at room temperature. Some models allow for different battery sizes in order to adapt them to various requirements.

Lithium-ion is well suited for laptop users who continually switch between fixed-power and XPS M1330 battery. This user profile meets primarily for sales, maintenance and medical personnel. Here are the reasons why.

With nickel-based batteries, the charger performs a full charge every time, when the portable device is connected to a fixed power. The Latitude D630 battery is charged until a signal arrives, indicating that the battery is full. This signal is either a voltage change or an increase in temperature. Due to the delayed reaction, a permanent capacity loss occurs caused by overcharge and high temperature. Lithium-ion only receives charge if the voltage is low.

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85Wh Lithium-Ion 9Cell Latitude D820 Dell battery review

85Wh Lithium-Ion 9Cell Latitude D820 Dell battery review

As we all know, the Latitude D820 is higher than the thin and light 14 "widescreen D620 and the budget oriented 14" standard aspect Latitude D520 battery in the lineup. The D820 is an updated version of the latitude D810 battery and features the Intel Core Duo processor to replace the D810 Pentium M and a significant weight reduction in the D810.

As its big wid screen, so the latitude d820 battery is also can not afford its 3 hours daily work. The first year I bought D820, I used the battery frequently as work and travel, fortunately it died after 10 moths in the dell 1 year warranty. I do not know why the machine is 3 year warranty but the battery is only 1 year warranty. Now I know, after the 3 year used 3 batteries replacement (the second year I buy a Macbook for travel). Now I find some reivew about Dell latitude d820 battery.

I bought 2 types Dell latitude D820 battery : 6Cell and 9Cell. I do not want to say anything about my bad 6 Cell battery (the one died after 10 month). Below is the 9Cell 85Wh batetry photos.

The Latitude D820 battery Tech specs :

Device Type : Notebook battery

Technology : 9-cell lithium ion

Capacity : 85 Wh

Recharge Cycles : 300-500

Work with : Dell latitude D820, Latitude D830 battery

Customer review in Dell web site:

I have run through three laptop batteries in four years on the D820. Only use is CPU and HD, never DVD. Typically charge starts to drop off in 9-12 month time frame to the point that unit will not run on battery for even 1 minute. This is totally unacceptable; by comparison original Mac batty still going strong after several years. Bye, bye Dell - you have ignored this user-expensive issue for years.

I've been a loyal Dell user for years. However, the next laptop I or anyone in my family or circle of friends buys is most likely going to be something other than a Dell. Why? Because if Dell consciously ignores this abundantly-documented laptop battery life problem, who knows what self-serving obsolescence might be built in to newer Dell laptops? This battery fiasco is one of the easiest ways for Dell to lose loyal customers who consistently seek out high-end products because of their requirements for quality and reasonable product life cycle

I purchased 2 extended batteries with my new Latitude D820. Both batteries failed within 1 year. This is not acceptable for items of this cost. If they are this unreliable they should be covered under the extended warranty

Lasted about 14 months the died completely like my Latitude D620 battery. Just made it out of warranty. I guess there was clause in my extended 3yr warranty that the battery is not covered.

The Dell latitude D820 battery replacement Review in Amazon:

This battery, while appearing to be the same size as the Dell original, is just a few millimeters off. As a result, my battery rarely charges.The battery can be docked, but the metal connectors in the battery are not (sufficiently) touching the pins in the system to charge the battery.

To resolve, I have to do everything from jiggling the battery to completely removing & resetting it. Even then the problem is not guaranteed to go away. Finally, the Dell Latitude D830 battery has never charged fully. When the charge is working , it always seems to quit around the 90% area. Since I've had my new battery, I've been running on A/C most of the time, but I am dreading my next trip when I longer have an outlet to plug into.

I received the Batery for my Dell D820, and it fit perfectly! On the Positive side, it was a perfect fit, and when the hard drive is not whirring, the charge indicator says I have over 5 hours of batery life left, which is great. The color of the battery differs from that of the computer only slightly.

On the negative side, the build quality doesn't look as sturdy as the original, and the charge indicator lights look a bit "flimsy", but then again, the original Dell latitude D520 battery lasted me only a year.

Even if this one lasts for the same ammount of time, it still cost me LESS THAN HALF of what an original Dell battery would have cost... As far as I'm concerned, I would recommend this product to anyone who owns a Dell and donesn't want to get ripped off buying $300 battery that will only last a year, maybe even less.

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The temperature affection for different battery

Nickel-metal hydrides are less tolerant than nickel-cadmium in terms of the charge at low or high temperatures.

Nickel-metal-hydride can not load quickly at temperatures below 10 ° C, nor can they load slowly below 0 ° C. Some chargers are designed so that they Ladekoeffizienten and the ambient temperature change. Price considerations are not allowed to provide Apple PowerBook G4 12 inch Battery battery chargers for consumer electronics with temperature sensors.

At higher temperatures, the charge acceptance of nickel-based Apple PowerBook G4 Battery is drastically reduced. A battery that can hold at room temperature, a medium capacity of 100%, starts at 45 ° C ambient temperature, only 70%, and even only 45% at a temperature of 60 ° C. This highlights the poor performance of some car chargers in the summer!

Lithium-ion Apple PowerBook G4 15 inch (aluminum) Battery provide a good charging in to deep as well at high temperatures. Some cells allow charging with 1.0 C from 0 ° C to 45 ° C. Most lithium-ion cells, however, prefer a lower charge current when the temperature at 5 ° C or falls below. Must be dispensed on the loading below the freezing point, as a coating can be effected by lithium metal.

The lead-acid Apple PowerBook G4 17 inch Battery is not very sensitive to extreme temperatures, as we all know, on the basis of experience with our car batteries. Part of this tolerance is the inertia of lead-acid systems are attributed. Some battery models allow a shop below the freezing point with a small charging current, while others are damaged, and provide only reduced capacitance values, and life expectancy is shortened.

To improve the loading performance of lead-acid Apple PowerBook G4 17 inch Battery at low temperatures and prevent thermal effects during the warm-up, it is important to monitor the charging voltage limits to be set. An installation of this measure can extend the life expectancy of a battery up to 15%. General guidelines recommend making a correction of about 3mV per cell per degree Celsius. The voltage correction has a negative coefficient, ie The threshold voltage decreases when the temperature rises.

Heat kills the Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch Battery! The warmer the cells shorten, the life expectancy. Higher temperatures may not always be foreseen, especially during a fast charge. It must, however, attempt to keep these periods as short as possible. While 45 ° C is temporarily tolerable, begin a battery from 50 ° C damage is increasing. Moreover, cells are warmer in the interior of a battery, always a few degrees when the temperature of the battery case.

Ultra Fast Chargers

Some manufacturers of chargers promise amazingly short loading time of 30 minutes or less. With well-balanced cells and moderate temperature can nickel-cadmium VGP-BPS10 s batteries, which are designed for fast charging, are being charged in a very short time. This is achieved with a simple increase of the charging current during the first 70% of the charge cycle.

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