Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to prolong digital cameras battery life


At present, digital cameras have been widely used. How to extend digital cameras battery life, 7 kinds of methods introduced here:

(A) Less flash. Flash power consumption is the largest in the Kodak automatic mode and PASM mode, the flash can be turned off (scene mode exception).

(B) Turn off auto-zoom. Camera's default setting is continuous AF zoom, which is the camera around the scene on a continuous zoom, in the setting menu will be a continuous zoom into a single, the icon for the Sony NP-BG1 AF.

(C) Reduce image editing times in the camera . Applications readers up in the computer editing view pictures, if we did not have the camera to edit view pictures, would be able to save half of the electricity.

(D) a change in image format. According to their Canon BP-511 actual needs, the pictures taken will be transferred as far as possible into the low-storage format. This camera can speed up time to write disk, naturally a power-saving.

(E) Viewfinder LCD screen when you minimize the use of multi-use Casio NP-30 EVF viewfinder.

(Vi) to reduce the number of zoom. Telephoto lens to narrow the disparity is indeed a lot of power Yo!

(7) in the setting menu to switch off Fujifilm NP-45 unnecessary switches.

Jack hopes that help you.

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