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85 WHr 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Dell Inspiron 1420 battery

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How to test HP Notebook battery status

With the smart battery technology in the latest HP products, you can automatically detect your battery status.
Equipped with micro-chip, smart battery to maintain and report on their status, thus providing accurate information of users, whether they use the same laptop or notebook computers in the same cell different from a different laptop battery.

Automatic test your battery status

Use the following steps to download, install and use the HP battery check. This utility supports all HP notebook PCs manufactured in 2006, 2005, most of the system.

  • Download HP Pavilion DV1000 Battery Check (SP41862), and then select Run and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Into a notebook computer AC power adapter, put it into the wall outlet directly.

  • Click Start, All Programs, and then click Hewlett-Packard, HP Battery Check.

The Pavilion dv6000 Battery test results will be submitted immediately. A detailed description of the results provided.

For more information about using the HP Pavilion dv2000 Battery test, including a list of notebook computers, support, see HP Notebook PCs - HP Battery Check Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you see a warning message stating "The system is not supported by the HP Battery Check tool during the installation of", your system may not be the battery status of testing technical support.

Manually test your battery status

In accordance with the following simple way to manually test your HP PB991A HP PB992A battery if not equipped with a smart battery technology.

To measure the battery discharge time of your cycle

  • Connect your AC power adapter, notebook computer PB994A HP PB995A battery is fully charged

  • Restart when you repeatedly press the F8 key, HP or Compaq logo appears in the Windows Safe Mode. Select Safe Mode from the Startup menu using the arrow keys

  • When safe mode, disconnect the AC power adapter laptop

  • With a timer to measure the total length of time a notebook computer is running, turn itself off until the Evo N610C Battery notebook PC

  • Note: The time of Evo N600C Battery discharge measurement should be close to your HP model specifications. If the time between measurement and specification of significant differences, using the steps to maximize battery life pages, to calibrate the battery.

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How to test HP Notebook battery status

85 WHr 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Dell Inspiron 1420 battery

The Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery is special for the Dell 1420 notebook : The 1420 is offered with the new Core 2 Duo processors with 800MHz front side bus and clock speeds ranging from 1.5GHz to 2.2GHz. Along with T7100, T7300, and T7500 Core 2 Duo CPUs there are two new budget models: the T5450, and the T5250. According to earlier reports, Dell Inspiron 1420 will be also configurable with the “Santa Rosa” compatible Celeron M processor.

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The Dell inspiron 1420 laptop battery Tech Specs :

The Dell Inspiron 1420 battery highlights

85 WHr capacity lets you work seamlessly while on the move 

Offers reliable power for dependable performance

Customer review :

I would not get this product. I would not buy a laptop from Dell again. Laptop Battery barely lasted a year and was told I had to buy another one that this was the normal life of battery. Bad Product!

This Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery just died on me. it wont charge more than 37% and now i have to buy another one...

The replacement products in Amazon review :

was skeptical buying this battery for my Dell Inspiron 1420, being it so cheap. Any computer store around where I live the batteries were over $150 for standard capacity and even more expensive [...]. This is a great buy.

The only downside is that it is a heavy Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery and was not fully charged when I first put it in.

Otherwise, it works well and gives me 4 hours to float around on battery.  

Since receiving (Amsahr-quick delivery) and using this Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery and charging and discharging it approximately 6 times, it has performed excellently and with high performance. It also fits perfectly like the original, and was priced very reasonable.

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How to prolong digital cameras battery life

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How to prolong digital cameras battery life


At present, digital cameras have been widely used. How to extend digital cameras battery life, 7 kinds of methods introduced here:

(A) Less flash. Flash power consumption is the largest in the Kodak and Dell KD186 Dell Y9943 automatic mode and PASM mode, the flash can be turned off (scene mode exception).

(B) Turn off auto-zoom. Camera's default setting is continuous AF zoom, which is the camera around the scene on a continuous zoom, in the setting menu will be a continuous zoom into a single, the icon for the Dell G5266 Dell GW240 AF.

(C) Reduce image editing times in the camera . Applications readers up in the computer editing view pictures, if we did not have the camera to edit view pictures, would be able to save half of the electricity.

(D) a change in image format. According to their Latitude D600 Battery actual needs, the pictures taken will be transferred as far as possible into the low-storage format. This camera can speed up time to write disk, naturally a power-saving.

(E) Viewfinder LCD screen when you minimize the use of multi-use Latitude D830 Battery EVF viewfinder.

(Vi) to reduce the number of zoom. Telephoto lens to narrow the disparity is indeed a lot of power Yo!

(7) in the setting menu to switch off Latitude D820 Battery unnecessary switches.

Jack hopes that help you.

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How to reduce your Laptop working Heat

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How to reduce your Laptop working Heat

There you have it – proof positive that using a notebook computer unprotected can burn your lap and other delicate parts. So what are we to do? Stop using our Lifebook T4220 battery notebooks? I don’t think so! There are ways to have safe computing, you know. But for the 65 million or so notebook users in america, the heat hazard poses an even greater threat to their computers. Over time, the heat source that burns our lap can have an equally devastating effect on the internal components of our notebook.

So how does one have safe computing without losing intimacy with our notebook, while also protecting it from overheating? The answer is obvious - use protection. What kind? Try a Google search with the keywords “Laptop Desk” or “Lap Desk” or “Lap Tray”. There you will find all kinds of protection for both you and your notebook. We plowed through the many listings and narrowed the field to nine products that should help you practice safe computing.

But before we get to the product comparisons, let us be clear that groin burns aren’t the only hazard that notebook users are susceptible to. There are other hazards—both to the user and the Lifebook T4020 battery notebook itself—that originate from two common notebook uses: Mobile use (on your lap) and stationary use (on your desktop).

Hazards When Using a Laptop on Your Lap:

Based on research conducted by LapWorks, Inc. (www.lapworksinc.com), two-thirds of all notebook owners reported using their notebooks while mobile more often than stationary. Which means that notebook (Fujitsu FPCBP155 Fujitsu FPCBP200 ) owners prefer 2 to 1 using their notebook in their easy chair watching TV, in airline terminals, in hotel lobbies or in bed surfing the Internet, as opposed to desktop use. as we rove around using our notebooks in different ways, lap (or groin) burns are possible unless we use some form of protection.

a pillow is not a good choice. Many mobile users will sandwich a pillow between themselves and the notebook to protect their laps from “Hot Leg.” This comforts the user, but unfortunately does no favors for the Fujitsu Lifebook T4310 battery computer. The pillow acts as an insulator and contains the heat within the notebook, accelerating overheating. The notebook’s cooling fan then cycles on repeatedly ‘gasping for air’ until it shuts your computer down to protect itself from serious heat damage.

Finally, you could permanently damage your notebook with a fatal drop. a white paper study conducted by IDC (International Data Corp., a Framingham, Mass. research firm) concluded that 68% of all damage to Fujitsu Lifebook T4410 battery notebooks comes from being dropped. This includes sliding off the user’s lap and crashing to a hard and unforgiving floor. IDC further reported that in 2001, it cost businesses and industry over one billion dollars to repair broken notebooks, and replace them in some cases, totaling approximately $1,400 per incident.

Solutions to the Hazards of Lap Use:

Find a product with non-slip surfaces that spans your lap completely, can hold even the largest portable, and shields your lap from its blistering heat. Road warriors will also want something that’s lightweight, thin, and folds so it can easily fit in the computer bag.

To protect the computer from its own heat, find something with built-in ventilation channels that can actually reduce heat. You can reduce heat in two ways: convection (exchanging warm air for cool air) and conduction (transferring heat by contact from a warm surface to a cool surface). Look for products that reduce heat through convection or conduction or both as Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 battery .

Hazards When Using a Laptop on your Desk:

Strange as it may sound, the greatest risk of injuring yourself personally will most likely come when you use your notebook on a desktop over long periods of time. It is here that we risk injuring our neck and shoulders from hazards such as:

Lower than recommended viewing height of the notebook screen

Flat typing angle, or lack of incline of the notebook’s keyboard

Since most notebook computers are set flat on the desktop, their Dell Latitude D620 Battery screen heights are all below the recommended, “ergonomically correct” viewing level. This means you must strain your neck to find information at the bottom of the screen, which can lead to more serious back problems over time. The recommended height for a computer screen is positioning the top of the screen at, or slightly below, eye level. This lets your eyes do the searching, instead of having to bend and strain your neck.

another hazard comes from the Dell Latitude D630 Battery notebook’s flat keyboard. In this position, we are forced to move our elbows away from our body to get our hands in the right position to type. Supporting our arms away from our body for long periods of time eventually strains the shoulders and back so that typing becomes tiring and more stressful.

The immediate effects of neck and back strain are discomfort and reduced productivity, but medical experts agree they can lead to more permanent health problems over time.

Solutions to the Hazards of Desk Use:

Ideally, the answer is to raise the back of the Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery notebook computer to such an angle that it will:

allow natural convection (and conduction if possible) to take place under the computer, reducing heat build-up and cooling your computer.

Raise the viewing screen height closer to eye level, reducing neck strain.

Put the keyboard in an incline allowing elbows to remain by your side in a more ergonomically comfortable typing angle.

Heat is Your Laptop’s Worst Enemy:

aside from the catastrophic crash to the floor, the greatest damage to Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery notebooks comes from poor ventilation that causes overheating. Eventually, this overheating causes permanent damage, shortening your notebook’s life.

Overheating is the result of the market’s competitive demand for the thinnest form factor and greater processing power. The solution? Find a product that can actually reduce the heat by as much as 15% to 20%, which means your notebook’s cooling fan won’t cycle on as often, and your notebook computer can live a longer, healthier life!


There are products that address these hazards, each to a greater or lesser degree. Keep in mind that the hazards listed above are real and documented, not just sales hype. If you are a committed Dell Inspiron E1405 Battery notebook user, you’ll want to create the safest computing environment whenever and wherever you choose to use your notebook.

Give serious consideration to the below list of nine products and select the one that best meets your specific needs. and be careful out there . . . now that groin burns have been documented, you’ll want to use Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery protection from now on so you can always practice safe computing.

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Dell tip for lithum laptop battery

Dell tip for lithum laptop battery

Q Is it easy to install a battery?

a Yes, very easy. First, make sure all open files are saved. Next, either attach the aC adapter directly to the lap or set the system to "hibernate" mode or shut off. Release the latch on the current battery, and simply install the replacement Dell Latitude D830 Battery.

Q Will Dell laps accept non-Dell batteries?

a Dell has a rigorous qualification process by which all Dell batteries are validated to ensure proper function, performance and safety. Some non-Dell batteries are available in the market with claims of compatibility with Dell systems. Dell cannot verify these claims, nor the safety of using them in a Dell system. Dell strongly encourages our customers to use only Dell lap batteries advertised as appropriate for their lap model. Only Dell lap batteries come with a 1-year warranty, are engineered for optimal safety and performance for Dell systems, and are supported by Dell technical support for the length of the warranty period.

Q What is a modular bay battery?

a In some lap systems Dell offers a Latitude D620 Battery that can be used in the optical drive media bay (DVD/CD drive bay). This enables the use of two batteries, potentially extending the available run time.

Q If I install a modular bay battery, are my primary and modular bay batteries working at the same time to power my lap computer?

a No, the modular bay battery is used first, then the system automatically switches to the primary battery. This is a deliberate design to allow the most amount of run time to remain in the primary Dell KD476 Dell U4873  battery in case the modular bay battery is removed and replaced with an optical drive.

Q For what use is the strip of LED lights on my battery?

a Most Dell batteries have an LED indicator that allows users to see how much run time and how much overall battery life are available at the touch of a button.

To check Sony VGP-BPS8  charge, press the button and the number of lights that appear will tell you charge status. If all lights appear, you have a fully charged battery. Each light that appears accounts for approximately 20% charge.

To check the battery health, press and hold the status button on the battery charge gauge for at least 3 seconds. If no lights appear, the battery is in good condition and approximately more than 80 percent of its original charge capacity remains. Each light represents incremental degradation. If five lights appear, approximately less than 60 percent of the charge capacity remains, and you should consider replacing the Inspiron 1100 Battery .

Q What does Dell recommend for battery storage for a long period of time?

a When storing for more than 4 days these guidelines can better preserve the life of your battery:

Do not store batteries for long periods plugged into or attached to any power source. This includes aC adapters and lap security carts plugged into an outlet.

Lap batteries, including those stored in lap systems, should maintain an Operational Storage Temperature of 0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F).

Batteries may be stored in the lap or outside of the lap.

Charge batteries before storing. The recommended charging time should not exceed 1 hour. Typically, this should charge the laptop battery to between 80% and 100%. (Some discharge will take place over time. Stored batteries are expected to discharge 10-15% over a four month period, for your information.)

Q are there restriction with taking lithium-ion batteries on planes?

a Effective January 1, 2008, the Department of Transportation (DOT) through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety administration (PHMSa) will no longer allow loose lithium VGP-BPS9/B  batteries in checked baggage. These batteries may continue to be packed in carry-on baggage.

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