Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Built-in Projector, Nikon S1000pj Camera Issued

Built-in Projector, Nikon S1000pj Camera Issued

August 4th 2009, Nikon announced to issue COOLPIX S1000pj camera for Sony NP-BG1, Canon BP-511, Kodak KLIC-5001., this camera not only with mini body but also with powerful photo function, and it possess the strong projection function.

To use the built-in projector of this digital camera battery, you only need to touch one button, then you can project the photo or video on a flat wall, the image dimension can reach 40 inch in maximum. It can project photos one by one, or match the music to play it like lantern slide. It also accompany with a portable projector bracket, and a remote control which can operate the projector and release shutter function.

COOLPIX S1000pj camera adopts a 5 optical Zoom-Nikkor lens, with 28mm wide-angle that cover 3cm microspur shooting ability, the camera use a 12.10 million pixel transducer, Nikon EN-EL3E.

Compared to a common camera, 12.10 million pixel, 28mm wide-angle and 3cm microspur shooting ability and EN-EL9 are not very high, but it integrated a projector, and support to play at 40 inch, anyhow it is quite practically.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Why laptop battery explode?

Why laptop battery explode?

Laptop battery is composing of enclosure, interface, cell and control circuit board, battery cell is responsible for supplying and storing the power of the laptop. Control circuit board with complex working principle and design, it controls the battery start and stop charging at proper time, control the discharge current reasonable, and it also take charge of showing the battery capacity and recycle charge times recording. When the battery in a high temperature or large current and other un-normal condition, it the control circuit board can protect the battery.

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The four suspicion of laptop battery explosion.

A, Battery cells interior short-circuit

The Latitude D620 battery cells has no protection function when meet large current, if single or multiple cells happen short-circuit situation, it will let cells discharge at high current. These current generate large quantity of heats will let the battery enhance the temperature, and then transfer to the other parts of laptop.

If the Latitude D600 battery enclosure is plastic material, it will deform or even get fired under high temperature, it is dangerous. The regular cells has experience strict test when out from factory, and the battery enclosure always adopt fireproof material and difficult to get fire. So the most possibility is involved with poor quality material for VGP-BPS2C VGP-BPS2 VGP-BPS5.

B, Battery cells connector wire short-circuit

The Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery, interior structure is too compact which leave opportunity for the cells. The wires in the middle are quite compact and close to the cells, if the skin of the cells and wires wore out, or the connect wires break off, then the cells will discharge at very high current and bring high temperature and cause fire final.

C, The control circuit invalidation

Sometimes, the control circuit will be invalidate for its protection part even it performed normal when use Sony NP-BG1, Canon BP-511,, when under full charge and un-normal, large current situation, the temperature will enhance and cause fire.

D Heat and abrupt incident

The laptop over heat or exterior liquid corrode, lightning strike or voltage un-normal will cause short-circuit.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lenovo recall battery again

Lenovo recall battery again

Laptop battery have problems again? Lenovo today announced the recall all battery,

Lenovo Group, the official website linked to the issue of a replacement lenovo battery free of charge information. Although the relevant responsible person stressed that the issue of batteries does not pose a security risk, and intention to play down the incident, but still caused concern to the industry.

ThinkPad users as a result of a small number of reports, there can not charge laptop battery or low battery capacity, such as short battery life or a sudden drop in power the question of scale. Legend explains that "the battery can not repair the damage" or "battery can not charge" the emergence of information means that the battery can not discharge or charge. This is a permanent battery failure, but does not constitute a security risk. And low battery power, it means that time is short battery life, a sudden drop in the power scale.

If battery failure due to this problem, Lenovo will be a free replacement battery. "The official line of Lenovo Group, Lenovo areas indicate the scope of the replacement of batteries, announced the recall ThinkPad R60 battery, R61, T60 battery, T61 battery, X60 battery, X61 laptop battery part number. Lenovo said that all official information to explain the replacement of the main , is not to say that the above-mentioned 10 models of all models have the issue of batteries. users through the installation of diagnostic tools to check the battery, it still can not predict the number of batteries need to be replaced. windows users can use this tool to detect, to to determine whether battery failure due to this problem and to comply with the conditions of a free replacement.

In fact, this is not the first time the issue of Lenovo laptop battery action. The earlier outbreak of Sony "battery door" incident, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard, Dell and other PC issues are also trapped in the work to improve the battery recall.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maximize, battery life

Maximize your battery life

When I first got my laptop (8 mos. ago) my laptop battery life was about 2 hours 45. Now after daily use (mostly with plug but using battery as well) it is down to 1.5 hrs which is basically useless. I have tried draining totally recharging etc and still only 1.5 hours. SO I am buying a new one. My question is how do I make my battery keep its charge so I can have it when I need it?

I originally wanted to title this article "Why does my Ibook G4 14 battery life suck?", because I know that's exactly what it feels like when the battery life gets shorter and shorter. My oldest laptop has about a 20 minute lifespan, so in many ways the battery is really nothing more than a glorified UPS. Not that that's bad, but it does limit the laptop's portability.

I turned to a friend, Jerry Foutz, for some help on this one. Do a Google search for Power Supply Design, and Jerry's site, SMPS Technology, is the top result. Jerry knows power supplies.

It turns out that the single, most important aspect to maximizing battery life is something that I wouldn't have thought of: matching the battery to its charger. In Jerry's words: "Make sure your Ibook G4 12 battery and charger match and you have a quality charger. About the only way you can maximize the probability of this happening is to buy both from the computer manufacturer for the exact computer model."

"...even small differences in output voltage of the charger can have dramatic impact on the lifespan of your Dell laptop battery..."Apparently even small differences in output voltage of the charger can have dramatic impact on the lifespan of your battery, by either under, or over-charging. "If you get a low-cost charger and it is off by as little as 10 mV (millivolts, 1/1000 of a volt), you will also get less than optimum performance." An example Jerry shared is that a 4.1V cell charged at 4.050 V might be good for 4,000 charge cycles. Increasing the charge voltage to 4.250, a difference of less than 1/4 of a volt, can reduce this down to less than 100 cycles.

I had no idea that batteries were that sensitive.

I'm also glad that I've purchased my Toshiba PA3451U-1BRS batteries, extra batteries, and chargers from the manufacturer at the time I got my laptop. That, further, minimizes any manufacturing differences that may occur over time.

The number two factor in battery life? Temperature.

The fact is that laptops just aren't designed for ... well, for laps. If you look at the bottom of your laptop you'll see it probably has feet (or more likely, bumps or rubber pads) that lift it off of any flat surface you might put it on. That creates very important space for ventilation. If you block that space, with say your lap, it's likely that you'll be causing the laptop Inspiron E1705 battery to run hotter than it should. If you do this regularly, you'll likely shorten the lifespan of the laptop's batteries.

Again, in Jerry's words: "If you have your laptop on your lap and it is burning you, you are shorting the battery life and charge-cycle capability because you have interfered with its cooling system."

If you do like to use your laptop on your lap, there are various "laptop desks" out there that will provide you a flat, or even grooved surface (for even more space and air flow) on which to comfortably place your laptop Inspiron E1505 battery. My wife and I actually each have a laptop desk from LapWorks.

Temperature cycling - allowing the laptop Lenovo 40Y6799 to become very cold and then warm, repeatedly - say by leaving it in your car overnight in cold weather regularly can also adversely impact the battery's life.

A concern that I've had for a long time is whether or not leaving a laptop plugged in for extended periods of time would harm the Pavilion ZD7000 battery. Today's designs pretty much expect that type of usage, so it's not the issue I was afraid it might be. Good thing, too ... my laptop is plugged in and running pretty much 24x7.

Finally: "All this assumes a well designed power supply (including charger and Latitude C600 battery). Unfortunately, not all designs are perfect and the layman has almost no way to judge the quality of the design. You pretty much have to trust the manufacturer and his reputation."

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The answer for laptop battery frequent asked questions

Last week I buy a Dell notebook from, then I want to know some laptop battery tips and problems by google. I found many frequent asked questions about laptop battery, but there are various answers for them. So I send a email to laptop battery expect "Jack Smith" in about these doubts. He reply me in the August 11, below is the reply content.

What is the six months warranty laptop battery?

Generally the laptop battery quality warranty is one year, but we can find many 6 months warranty "Original laptop battery" in ebay and other online shops? What is these six months warranty laptop battery?

Most the six months warranty batteries are the old battery with the new cells, old original battery shell and protection board. You can find the detail introduce here "How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery". As the battery protection board is old one, so the laptop battery can only work properly about six months.

For laptop battery, the higher capacity the better?

For different models (particularly different size) battery, the higher capacity battery can work longer. Exclude the size and weight factors, of course that the higher capacity the better.

However, the same battery type, the same nominal capacity (for example,Inspiron 6400 battery 6600mAh), the actual measurement capacity is different: for example One Inspiron E1505 battery capacity is 6600mAh, and the other is 6700mAh, then the 6700mAh battery is better then 6600mAh?

The actual situation may be that : In the high capacity battery's electrode materials, increase the initial capacity of more things, and reduce the materials to stability of the electrode. It may result that after used for some charging-discharging cycles, the capacity of high-capacity battery reduce rapidly, while the capacity of low battery is still strong. Many laptop battery manufacturers often use such method to produce the high-capacity battery. After used for six months the GD761, KD476, TD347 battery standby time is too less.

Enhance the battery capacity can reduce the battery cycle life. If the laptop battery manufacturers are not make great efforts in battery material, it is impossible to truly "improve" the capacity of the battery.

It is worth to store the fully-charged battery

Lithium-ion batteries have a very bad characteristic, that is the lithium-ion laptop battery aging time. When a lithium-ion battery in storage for some time, even not in recycled, its capacity also lost in the storage. Because the lithium-ion battery anode materials begun the failure process when manufactured. Different temperatures and Pavilion DV8000 batteryy charged state cause the different consequences statute. You can the get the general conclusion by following data ( the percentage of capacity in the form):

Storage temperature - 40% state of charge ------- 100% state of charge

0 degrees ---------- 98% (a year later ) ------- 94% (a year later)

That is the all, hopes that can help you.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

How to measure the power consumption of notebook battery

All the battery spec info are from Laptop battery

How to measure the power consumption of notebook battery

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Why laptop battery capacity reduce as time? Why battery calibration can improv battery capacity? How to charge the battery correctly? All above probelm are related to battery power consumption. Open circuit voltage measurement ... ... Coulomb measurement, impedance measurement, what are these terms mean? Here we will simply introduce all of them!

Whether it is the out nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion Dell laptop battery, or not commonly used lithium polymer batteries, and even coming silver zinc batteries, are equivalent to the a storage warehouse of electronic power. The differences between them is that the way out of the Treasury, the volume of stocks it. In laptop batteries, there is a power manage center - power consumption chip, it is the management of power measuring, charging and discharging managing.

In the measurement of battery technology, there are four kinds common method (open-circuit voltage measurement, Coulomb calculation, impedance measurement, integrated look-up table method), but not all IBM laptop battery used only one method, usually using a combination of methods to one of the main method of supporting the rest of the way computing power. The first one is the open circuit voltage measurement, this method is that measuring the battery voltage under static values to calculate the remaining battery capacity, but as a result of stationary lithium-ion battery voltage and remaining capacity relation is non-linear, so this method measured valueis not accurate, the vast majority of mobile phone batteries are calculated using this method;

The second one is Coulomb calculation, the method is by measuring the laptop battery charge and discharge current, the current value and time value After the calculation of product integration has been carried out by filling the battery into the power and the release of electricity, Coulomb's method is a accurate method of calculating power;

The third one is the impedance measurement, measuring its resistance to get the remaining battery capacity value; the fourth is a comprehensive look-up table method, by setting up a related form, the voltage, current, temperature and other parameters, you can query the remaining battery capacity.

Therefore, in addition to the internal structure of the battery batteries, there are control chips, the chip which contains 1-2 kinds of batteries power measurement method of calculation, and a charge-discharge protection circuit. HP laptop battery manage program had been setted in the system, and through access to the chip-driven interface, and then set on the battery management.

So, why the Toshiba laptop battery will become weak, but the battery calibration can improve the battery capacity? Notebook battery 6-cell and 4-cell, means that there are a number of battery cells inside the battery. The batteries cells conenect together, the battery capacity reduce reason is that: all the batteries quality and discharge rate can not be in the same level. After discharge, one battery cell capacity in substantial reduction, in order to maintain voltage stability, the battery management chip will be according protection of core power as the "bucket principle", so after the electricity charge will decrease.

Battery calibration is to balance the multiple batteries cells, the Apple laptop battery cells own internal resistance can not be completely consistent, the large internal resistance battery will shoulder the larger current, and its own consumption more than the other batteries. So regular battery calibration is necessary - it can balance the burden of multiple batteries work and prolong the whole battery life.