Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to maintain a digital camera

1. A digital camera is a precision equipment, proper maintenance can extend its working life.

2. You should always clean up. You need to use external soft lint cloth, memory card slot of the battery should also be frequently with a soft brush or blow the balloon to clear the dust.

3. Digital camera battery generally have multi-coated lens to compare effemination, would accidentally scratch coating. Generally do not move it, it is necessary only need to be cleaned up, a little bit of dust, generally will not affect the imaging results. If we are not careful the camera on the left hand, it should be cleared as soon as possible because it is a damaged lens. Normally should be particularly careful to protect the lens and the surface of the lens with a very fragile, especially when gently wipe the correct way is: first blow balloon blowing dust, and then drawcircle professional lens cleaning paper, using the Canon nb-4l .

4. There will always be a digital camera with sophisticated electrical systems, more vulnerable, so to avoid high temperature, strong shock and drop from a height, do not suddenly from hot to cold outdoor room. What must be avoided water, fell into the water. Million accidentally soiled water, they should immediately turn off the power supply, wipe dry and then boot, in the case of the use of fog rain put a plastic bag and Canon bp-511.

5. Kept a digital camera should avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures, but also to avoid a room on the wet. To stay away from dust, powder, sand and so on. Antimagnetic also, especially not on television, radio, refrigerators and other household electrical appliances. Long-term need to be taken out the Sony np-bg1 because the battery will be leakage, corrosion camera.

6. Although the digital camera is compact, easy to carry on the pocket, but it do not forget to wear a protective clothing ah, in case of multi-tap the touch ah distressed. You can use small Camera put it together, can also be fitted to other attachments Casio np-30 , it is not very convenient?

Digital camera LCD screen is also the most likely to wash hands and clean have to be careful too, because in general there is a layer of LCD-plated anti-glare film, this coating has been damaged can not repair. Do not put pressure on, otherwise the screen will be damaged or malfunction.

7. The Nikon en-el3e stored in a dark dry place. The existence of the camera should also be dry, well-ventilated place. If long storage, can have the camera in a plastic bag with desiccant. Desiccant to absorb moisture will be lost after the results, to be replaced regularly and often to check out the camera, pressed the shutter a number of boot.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Why we calibrate our rechargeable battery

When we buy a lapop, there is a original laptop battery and operating instruction in its package. We also can find a tip there: Calibrate your laptop battery once a month. But what is laptop battery calibration and why we calibrate our laptop battery?

Lithium-Ion Dell Latitude D630 Battery sport a battery level meter, like an electronic "fuel gauge" or State Of Charge meter which is responsible for reading the amount of charge your device’s battery holds at a certain point. Windows Mobile uses the information from those readings to display remaining battery level on your device.

Many of us may in this situation : your laptop notifies "low battery", but after a reset, power meter will show 20-30% remain, or simply the Toshiba PA3450U-1BRS battery can be not fully charged if it indicates the actual state of the battery in about 90% but not 100%. You know you have to "calibrate the battery" when it happens like this.

Without calibration the cells of the rechargeable battery can not be reconditioned, it only allows laptop "Smart" circuitry to accurately predict the level of the battery remains at all times. Battery calibration "teach" the smart battery so you can evaluate how long the fully charged Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS battery will last if - then shows the amount of remaining capacity.

A battery that is out of calibration, for example, a Toshiba PA3191U-3BRS battery show that 90% of the load, in fact less capcity remain. This can be explain taht why a laptop turns off suddenly while reporting a reasonable percentage of capacity remaining. In addition, the battery in the basic Windows screen may show 0% charge remaining after only 1.5 hours use, but the battery is only six months. Actually the battery has been fully charged and used for much more than a few months before .

If you are unsure of how to calibrate the Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS battery , this utility can run on any Tablet PC and laptop : full charge - full discharge - full charge cycle.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The simple introduce about Battery Life

Each battery has a limited life, no matter what device is power. Batteries are not different than normal cells, except they are a finite number of times recharging. Under normal rechargeable batteries have a shelf life of 250-500 charge cycles (depending on type used).

The lithium-ion Laptop batteries are chemically degrade over time and temperature. Once the battery cells are the "clock is ticking product." The battery life lasts depends on how the company (ie, remain cool, and he never left in a discharged state for months at a time).

Keep laptops and Tablet PCs as fresh as possible and store about 50% charge level or higher. A battery was at 40 ° C in full sun to deteriorate much faster than at 20 ° C in a refrigerator. For example, if you do not fully charge the Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS battery if it is kept for one year at 40 ° C only has a capacity of 65% at the end of the year. It is, after only one year to 65%, as it did when it was news! However, if you save it under a load of 40% at 25 ° C or less for one year, which will have a capacity of 96% at the end of the year - that is, as new!

Make sure there is enough ventilation around a laptop computer and prevent them in an enclosed space over, unless adequate ventilation can be ensured. This is because the network will be able to continue to discharge heat, so they are, and that the air around the Toshiba PA3356U-3BRS battery and notebook battery while in the heat. If you have multiple laptops or Tablet PC and the adapter into an enclosed space, the batteries are kept warm for long periods. In particular, the power at the top or near the battery compartment during use or the tax has a negative impact on battery life is only six months.

If a lithium-ion Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS Battery is always kept fresh, which should last several years. If stored at high temperatures for most of his life, and especially, much more than a year. This is why most manufacturers do not guarantee the battery for a period of three months and one year (maximum).

For the same reason, never buy a spare battery for use later this year or next year. The lithium-ion Toshiba PA3450U-1BRS batteries begin to degrade when they are executed. So just buy a new battery if you need to use it.

For laptops stored for long periods (six months or more, for example), charge (ideally 50% or more but not less than 40%) and remove them from the laptop before putting it in a place expenses (but not below five degrees entigrade). This process of reducing the degradation of the battery during storage.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A charger for disposable batteries?

Alkaline-manganese Laptop batteries (disposable batteries) recharge instead of throwing away


Even now, the most widely used batteries: alkaline manganese batteries, causing thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste annually.

According to a Eurostat statistics in Germany alone, on an annual 1.5 billion laptop batteries on the market. These batteries cause a waste of about 8,000 tons with the largest share, about 70%, attributable to alkaline batteries. A waste disposal directive of the European Parliament and working on batteries and accumulators are now even before the minimum collection targets for spent batteries and accumulators of 25% or 45%, which are to be achieved but not until the year 2012 and 2016th

By using a battery charger for alkaline batteries per year could be at least 2,500 tons of battery waste be prevented in Germany alone. This corresponds to about 250 trucks laden with 10 tonnes of small alkaline batteries. Not only the environment would be spared, special saved a lot of money.

The Dutch company imported sand floor Imports and sells throughout Europe now such a charger which has been specially developed for alkaline manganese batteries. This battery charger is very easy and safe to handle and can of course also the modern rechargeable HP Pavilion DV9000 batteries.

With this easy to use and inexpensive battery charger, the so-called disposable batteries to be recharged easily and safely. In general, a HP Pavilion DV8000 battery capacity of up to 90% of the initial capacity is reached.

According to Managing Director Floris de Brouwer, the current response from dealers and consumers was very positive and demonstrated the great value of this Dell Inspiron 1520 battery charger.

Protect our Earth : Do not Throw your money away , protect the environment and load their disposable batteries just now again.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Laptop Batteries lose power

Q: When I lost power last week, my laptop six years ago, abruptly closed, even though the Compaq Presario CQ40 battery supposedly had a good full charge for three hours. If the battery has a problem?

A: Yes, lithium-ion batteries in most laptops lose capacity after each cycle of loading and unloading.

How much?

Hewlett-Packard estimated that these models are 80 percent of their original capacity "after 300 cycles or about one year reduced the use." Dell recommends that most people "significant" drop in to see the life of the battery after 18-24 months. And Apple says its batteries will be reduced to 80 percent of capacity after 300 cycles, while inaccessible units in your new laptop will take 1000 cycles to reach that point.

I have seen a significant reduction in the lifetime of Presario CQ50 batteries, only a few years. After six years? Forget it - the battery is gone. Get a new considering the purchase of an aftermarket dealer may charge less than the original manufacturer.

Q: I need to move files between a Mac and a PC. Which disc formats do I need?

A: The easiest way is the one used in most of the removable disk in Windows, FAT32 (the letters for "File Allocation Table stand"). can read and write Mac and PC and discs in this format. Almost all internal hard drives used by Windows, however, a higher capacity version called NTFS (NT File System), Apple Mac can read but need the help of additional software, such as free MacFuse to write it.

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