Monday, December 28, 2009

why laptop battery suddenly stop discharging

why laptop battery suddenly stop discharging


Maybe we all face this situation : Some times we should travel to some place as the business or holiday. You know the 12 hours or more journey time is too wearily. So we like enjoy ourself with our laptop to watch movie or play game. Suddenlly the Dell Latitude D620 Battery stop dischargging in the 70% power state or more. You maybe very confuse about this : maybe some problem with my laptop or my laptop dead. In fact most of them are caused by the temperature or the over-Current.

Most laptop batteries have the protection circuit. When the laptop battery temperature is too high or discharge current is too large, out of laptop battery protection circuit action standards. Thus causing the Dell Latitude D600 Battery power automatically stop discharging and force the issue.

The most common situation is that laptop battery is running at full speed . The Dell Inspiron 710m Battery current is too large to result in automatic protection. For example, from the drive to capture the contents of DVD discs into the mobile hard disk, when a large number of both host and peripheral power consumption, is likely to make current standards of protection beyond the battery. D0 not panic in that case. You only used to disconnect peripherals and wait about 10 minutes, then you can reboot the machine.

There is also a common situation : using the battery in a hot environment and high-load operation, , so that the ambient temperature plus the heat generated by the battery self-discharge Dell Inspiron 640m Battery protection circuit may exceed the preset temperature, which is particularly high frequency P4 machines in high-temperature environment may occur after high-speed operation.

Encountered such a situation should remove the batteries placed in a cooler place (remember not to put refrigerator frozen!), After half an hour should be back to normal. High temperature for the lithium Dell TC030 Dell PC764 battery damage is relatively large, less than a last resort and should be avoided in high-temperature environment and high-load operation.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Useful tips for better using your battery

Useful tips for better using your battery

Missing an important call because your cell phone wasn’t properly charged is a common problem in an increasingly wireless world. Rechargeable laptop battery hold the key to our reliance on convenient, portable products, yet few people understand the basics rules of recharging rechargeable batteries. Even fewer know that when certain rechargeable batteries can no longer hold a charge, they can and should be recycled.

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are the most common type of portable rechargeable Toshiba laptop battery, and they’re used to power products such as cellular and cordless phones, camcorders, power tools and many other consumer electronic devices. By the year 2000, it is estimated that more than 75 million Ni-Cd batteries will be sold in the United States alone.

“Most people don't know that the used Ni-Cd Inspiron 1521 Battery that collect in their desk drawer or those left in products because they no longer hold a charge, can and should be recycled,” said Ralph Millard, Executive Vice President of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), an international, not-for-profit organization that runs the “Charge Up to Recycle!” program for Ni-Cd battery recycling.

To get the most out of your rechargeable Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery  and battery-powered products, RBRC recommends the following guidelines:

  • Charge your new Dell Latitude D620 Battery overnight (14-16 hours) before using it for the first time. This is called “initializing” and will enable you to obtain maximum battery capacity.

  • Let your battery cool to room temperature before recharging. The charge efficiency of most batteries is greatly reduced at elevated temperatures.

  • Recharge iBook G4 14 Battery only when they are near to fully discharged. You can tell that a battery is discharged by a sharp drop in power or speed.

  • Keep the contact of rechargeable batteries clean – wipe them with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

  • Never return a fully-charged Apple A1022 Apple A1039 battery to the charger for an extra boost. This will overcharge the cells and shorten the life of the battery.

  • Never leave your cellular phone, camcorder, etc., in the charger when not charging, unless approved by the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t use your charger as a stand! Continuous charging will shorten battery life.

  • If your rechargeable Ni-Cd Apple A1045 Apple A1061 battery will no longer hold a charge, don’t throw it away! Call 1-800-8-BATTERY or visit to find the nearest retail site or recycling center among the 26,000 participating across the country. National retailers participating include ACE Hardware, Ameritech, Batteries Plus, BellSouth Cellular, BLACK&DECKER, Car Phone Store, Cellular One, Circuit City, GTE Wireless, RadioShack, Porter Cable Factory Service Centers, Sears, Target and WAL-MART.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

laptop battery can not charge and dischage

laptop battery can not charge and dischage


Generally, we said our laptop battery dead means that : the battery can not charge or discharge. The laptop battery can not work after used for some months most caused by the problem. Also sometimes the battery suddenly can not be recognized by machine. This is the adapter or mohterboard problem (espacially in dell laptop battery).

To second problem we only can change the adapter or motherboard. So will talk some useful tips about the reason and solution to the "battery can not charge and discharge" for you.

The laptop battery can not discharge

Laptop battery can not discharge Reason:

  1. The laptop battery after the storage using and the life decay;

  2. Lacking charge or not be charged;

  3. Ambient temperature is too low;

  4. Discharge efficient less, such as the large current discharge cause voltage sharp drop to 0, then electricity can not be released

  5. The Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS battery has been in over-discharge protection.

Laptop battery can not discharge Solution:

  1. The Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery during storage should take a monthly charge and discharge;

  2. Charge the battery at 10% state;

  3. Use in a normal environment;

  4. Use proper adapter of the machine.

  5. Place it in icebox for about 12 hours and cool place 3-5 days to unlock the protection

The laptop battery can not charge

Laptop battery can not charge Reason:

  1. The Inspiron E1505 Battery in zero voltage;

  2. charger failure, no output current;

  3. External factors have led to the charging efficiency is too low (such as low or high temperature).

Laptop battery can not charge Solution:

  1. Check charger output voltage and current;

  2. Check the laptop battery charger output contacts is good or not

  3. Charge the battery with 1.5 times the maximum voltage of the battery, 1.5C high current charging, active the Sony VGP-BPS8 battery . (Only when the battery can not charge, use this method)

In the end, wish you have a good Christmas Day.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Laptop battery using FAQ

Laptop battery using FAQ

Q: How to store the laptop battery if not used for a long time?

A: Charge or discharge the Dell D5318 to about 40% state, and then placed in temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius dry place, the temperature is too high and too low are easy to accelerate cell aging.

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Q: Should I remove the battery when notebook work with power?

A: It does not matter, the laptop battery own a protection circuit to avoid over-charging.

Q: My battery is now only work a very short period of time, how should I do?

A: If you've been use your battery frequently, then it belongs to cell aging which can not be avoided. You should change a new Dell U4873 battery or change the battery inside cells; If you store the battery for a long time, it may also lead to this situation. You need to completely discharge (up to fail to boot up) and then full chargerd, repeated several times to activate the battery.

Q: Laptop adapter can used in other laptop?

A: No, there are three obstacles, the first is the notebook computer manufacturers use various different voltage, such as IBM are 16V, COMPAQ mostly 18.5V, SONY VGP-BPS8 part of the model is 19.5V, are inconsistent. The second is different from the needs of current laptop is different from the 2A ~ 5.4A have a small machine needs a smaller current, big machine in the latter case. The third is the various manufacturers notebook power adapter interfaces are different, it is difficult general. Therefore there is no universal laptop adapter at present.

Q: Why does my IBM laptop screen brightness lower when using battery as using power?

A: This is the IBM default settings for random power management which is aimed at energy-saving:). If you do not like it, you can control software in IBM's ThinkPad Configuration Utility, select LCD project, then changed brightness from Normal to High. The Display option can set in the BIOS.

Q: Do the first three chargeing time must last 12 hours to new VGP-BPS9 battery?

A: This is not necessary because the current laptop has a prefect charge-discharge power management when the battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the circuit state.

Q: In order to prevent memory effect, we should charge the battery when it is fully discharged?

A: Every time charge of battery discharge is not necessary but harmful. Practice has proved that the Latitude d420 battery deeply discharge will shorten the life. Generally you should charge your battery when it is in 10% state. When the battery power is still more than 30%,donot charge the battery because the memory effect exist more or less.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Battery hog compare between the Windows and OS X

Battery hog compare between the Windows and OS X

One of the best reasons to get a new MacBook Pro battery, aside from the dazzling new screen on the 13-inch, and in spite of the SATA capping that’s apparently in place, is the extended battery life courtesy of the new built-in lithium polymer batteries. And by all accounts, even if you won’t necessarily reach Apple’s estimates, you will get more usage out of your notebook without having to connect to a power source. Or you’ll get more usage as long as you’re not running in Windows under Boot Camp, that is.

AnandTech’s Anand Shimpi has been running a MacBook Pro 13-inch battery through its paces over at his site, and while he was very impressed with the machine’s new battery overall, he noticed a considerable disparity between apparent power consumption under OS X, and under Vista. Nor was the difference marginal. Running OS X while only web browsing, Shimpi was able to coax a little over eight hours out of the notebook under OS X, and only six using Vista. That’s a two hour, or 25 percent difference.

Windows 7, which is supposed to make up for a lot of the mistakes Microsoft made with Vista, fared no better. The RC 1 version of the upcoming OS lasted only 5.48 hours using the same test conditions. Some of that can be ascribed to there not being final, optimized drivers for Windows 7 yet, but I doubt that accounts for the more than two-hour Latitude D620 Battery life  deficit it has compared with OS X running on the same hardware.

Windows supporters will no doubt chime in with claims that the Apple hardware is to blame, but Shimpi found some reason to believe that may not be the case. He spoke to a number of PC OEM manufacturers to see if they’d found a difference in Dell XPS M140 Battery  life between OS X and Vista, and though none would officially go on record, some at least admitted to seeing a similar difference to the one Shimpi had found.

Since Apple doesn’t officially support any third-party hardware, it’ll be hard or even impossible to prove that OS X is, in fact, a more Dell D5318 Dell GD761  battery-efficient operating system, completely independent of any hardware considerations. Still, that’s one less reason to ever commit sacrilege by dual-booting your Apple notebook, which is bad news for Windows sales, no matter what the cause.

All you hackintosh experts out there, feel free to chime in with your own Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery  life tales, since your experience running OS X on non-standard hardware might be the closest thing we can get to a fair standard for comparison.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Sony External VGP-BPS8 laptop battery review

The Sony External VGP-BPS8 laptop battery review

I owned my Sony VGN-FZ for about 1 years. Now its original battery is nearly dead (just work about 30 minutes). Though the new battery can last about 2-3 hours when fully charged. I asked Sony Customre service if they can replace or repaire the battery for me. They said they can do nothing as the battery out of its warranty (just advise me to calibrate it).

As my work need to travel to everywhere in London, so I need a battery replacement urgently. I can not find anything from except "No match documents was found for your search. Please try with different keyword(s)." I serched in and find many original VGP-BPS8 batteries, but I cannot belive them(my last original latitude d620 battery which buing from a online shop is just a second-hand battery). So I choose a website : which sell the Sony VGP-BPS8 replacement.

After view the battery detail info and website shipping return policy, I decide to buy the external 7800mAh VGP-BPS8 battery. As it is 3000mAh more capacity than my 4800mAh. I think it can last longer but the 10400mAh one is too big and heavy. I ordered the battery in October 15 and received it in 25. It cost me 95.89 pounds and 10 pound shipping fee.

To my superise the package was sent with a CD, I do not know what it is. But When I installed the Sony VGP-BPS8 battery my laptop cannot recognize the battery. So I sent a email to the customer service about this, now they replied me in time (just after 10 minutes later). They said that I must update my Bios driver with the CD to help my machine run the battery. I did this and finally my laptop can work without the adapter.

My notebook power management shows it actually 7800mAh and can last 4.5 hours. Now I can go everywhere with my VGN-SZ. Something I want to say is that the battery is a little heavy . The battery sticks out of the laptop .. so get used to the new look of your laptop. Haha. Also you can buy the VGP-BPS8 battery in their partener website:

Some customer review may useful to you in Amazon (Original Sony laptop battery):

1) The laptop battery on FZ doesn't charge up all the way or maybe it's my laptop.

2) The battery sticks out of the laptop .. so get used to the new look of your laptop.

3) The battery stopped charging after only one week of purchase. The vendor (Infinite-Surplus) wouldn't return the battery and asked me to go through Sony which wasn't a great experience

I expected this battery to last longer (< 3 hrs) and didn't realize how it's design fits with the FZ series laptop. It props up the base of the laptop but is off-center due to the placement of the battery compartment. Make sure you lock the battery in, because it's designed to be used as a handle for the laptop and works well that way.

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