Saturday, November 13, 2010

HD2-successor: HTC Phone HD7 with Microsoft Windows 7?

HD2-successor: HTC Phone HD7 with Microsoft Windows 7?

The HTC HD7 comes with 4.3-inch touch screen and a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The operating system is the new Windows Phone 7 Otherwise, the smartphone with wireless-n, GPS and HSDPA / HSUPA all the features that are expected of a modern mobile phone. In practice, the integrated stand. This is behind the camera, can be folded out and gives the HTC HD7 footing on a level surface.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven – so I get to the increment still higher on a number – how the hell ..?

The fact that been a success for the HD2 HTC is, I must tell you good or not? Is surely “selbstkapische, that HTC is planning a sequel?

You have not even spoken by a HD2-HD3 as a successor?

Seems that HTC are planning an upcoming smartphone, which is the new Microsoft operating system is dedicated. The “HTC HD7″ will be performed in a o2 inventory – this was leaked to the guys at Engadget.

What can it do? What does it want? What does it cost?

I really do not know – do not you agree, I would have told you?

It says a date, 18.10.2010 – we want to wait together?

When the HD2 equipped with Windows Mobile 7?

No !!!!!

These three here struggling with the Windows 7ext throne Phone: Samsung Omnia 7ext, HTC HD7ext Mozartext and 7. Reason enough to be on all sides to see exactly once. Neus striking though nothing is above all the good quality from Super Omnia AMOLEDext display 7: deep blacks and wide viewing angle independence of the other two can be compared to WP7 phones already look a little old. The 7 Mozart comes in terms of a good second place, last place is the HD7. All three Dsplays up close you can see in the video after the break.

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