Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Windows Phone 7 grows inapplications and developers


15 days ago met the first issues on Windows Phone 7 (1600 applications in early November) but the platform is growing at a fairly fast pace which is great because it adds more competition to the industry and that never hurts.

"We are on track to deliver about 3,000 applications and games later this week. We have also seen an increase of about 80% in the number of developers registered from September, with more than 15,000 developers and signaling his intention to bring exciting content to Windows Phone. Obviously we're just getting warmed up ", said yesterday from the official Windows Phone Developer Blog.

And although it may seem small compared to the hundreds of thousands of items offered by stores market-leading applications, Android Market and Apple App Store, if we remember that the BlackBerry App World was only 6 000 applications in its first year, we note that Microsoft is doing the right things to attract developers and growing Windows Phone 7 with a truly impressive rate (numbers 15 days ago and today are correct apps were doubled in that period).

And to make this time (thinking particularly take advantage of the holiday season to fire), from Microsoft came out to announce several enhancements to Windows Phone Windows Marketplace and developers Phone 7:

Bing Visual Search: Now the search can be used to find applications and games in the United States and the United States for anything from a browser.

Xbox 360 promotion: building on strong sales of Kinect, applications and games WP7 will be prominently featured in the Xbox dashboard. now includes an application tab that leads to outstanding application lists the top free or localized for different markets including Mexico and Spain.

Windows Phone Zune Marketplace PC software: every time someone updates or download Zune PC software (either Xbox or a PC running Windows or WP7) will see the latest music, videos and applications for Windows Phone.

Links to advocacy: now developers can add their sites called "deep links" from other marketing materials to bring the customer to the page of the application or game.

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