Friday, December 31, 2010

Laptop Battery Troubleshooting

The battery consists of a plastic outer case, metal electrical contacts, an inner metal case filled with a chemical and special electrical contacts called electrodes, and lastly, perhaps some control circuitry. Note that the actual charging circuit is usually part of the laptop mainboard. There are many problems with laptop battery. Some methods for solving problems in the manual printed laptop itself, it is necessary to the operating instructions before you consult the laptop for the first time.

If not a new laptop battery, please ensure that a full charge. A new laptop out of business, usually equipped with a battery, and you must charge for later use. A new lithium-ion laptop is essentially required to be charged for almost 12 hours before use. If it is a NiMH battery that charges would be working properly for at least 24 hours.

If you have done with sufficient HP pavilion dv5 battery charge and the laptop still does not work, you just have to make when battery is plugged into a decent laptop. If the laptop is turned off automatically, check the power management settings, since the handset can automatically shut down when the battery is low.

If your laptop battery gets hot after using for a while, you do not have to worry about, there is no problem and is normal in all laptops. But if the battery is warm or hot, could be a serious problem. In such a situation, remove the battery from the laptop and let cool. When this problem occurs regularly, the Compaq presario cq40 battery may be to blame themselves and may need to provide replacement.

If the battery is not charging when connected to a socket with the adapter, check the power supply when it comes to enough power to charge. You can also try to charge the battery with the same adapter, but a shot of energy sources. The interruption in the supply of energy can also be a problem leaving the Dell inspiron 1440 battery out of power. Check all cable connections in relation to food, such as the connector on the back of the notebook and the housing of the transformer. There are ways that the adapter is not present.

If you experience any problems with laptop battery, simply remove the battery from the laptop and any debris or dirt in or around the connections. The wreckage or debris can restrict the laptop to power components within the Dell inspiron 14 battery compartment, connect. On the other hand, it is necessary to examine whether there are indications that, as no traces can be seen burning on the battery compartment.

Before any step to resolve laptop battery, by the continuing problem of being only the ThinkPad x60s battery and must be verified elsewhere. If these steps do not seem to work, the last option left is to call the service person to carry, and let you know about the problem and what did all the troubleshooting steps you taken.

7Tips to buy laptop battery

A laptop battery in new condition typically stores enough energy to run the laptop for three to five hours, depending on the computer usage, configuration and power management settings. When the laptop is plugged into the mains, the battery charges, whether or not the computer is running, with the exception of some laptops. Generally the laptop battery can work about 1 year. So we should buy a replacement laptop battery when the original battery dead or faild.

Before you begin looking for a suitable Dell xps m1530 battery, check to see what type of battery your laptop has? There are different types of laptop batteries. This is NiCad, NiMH and Li-ion. Everyone has different properties, therefore may not be interchangeable. The NC and NiMH batteries are expensive and sensitive to high temperatures. The lithium-ion batteries last longer and are not sensitive to high temperatures. They are light in weight and less expensive than nickel-cadmium and NiMH batteries. It is therefore proposed to check the battery matches your laptop better.

There are 7 Tips to buy laptop batteries as follow:

1. They are designed for laptop batteries offer increased battery life or better performane of Dell inspiron 1440 battery power, look, check with your laptop manufacturer for compatibility of laptop battery.

2. Search for laptop batteries, light weight and small size. But at the same time must match the size of the old battery and new battery.

3. The waiting time should be given more importance. The greater the delay, the greater the Dell latitude d830 battery .

4. The security of the laptop battery is also important. In the case of a problem that should be replaceable. Typically, laptop batteries are warranted for one year.

5. Do not buy second-hand Dell inspiron 1750 battery, only because they are cheaper than new ones. They are definitely not. Running a laptop with new batteries and as a new laptop. Therefore, it is worth to a new battery. It may be cheaper options available, but it is better to invest in a new. If you want to buy a second battery, it should be used only in emergencies.

6. There are 9 batteries on sale on the market. Most laptops typically have 6-cell Dell latitude d630 battery. But 9 batteries last longer than its cousin 6 cells.

7. We always recommend to buy the battery and licensed manufacturers and suppliers reputation. Ensures that the product is the brand and is in fact authentic.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Tips to Guarantee Notebook useful life


While Notebooks are gradually tending to replace desktop computers, it is necessary to know some tips on how to make them have a longer life.

Unlike the desktop PC, the Notebook has been designed to work and move in it the information we need out of our fields of work or residence. In other words, we must never forget that this is a laptop and thus preserve battery life when we are traveling or working outside, is essential. The notebooks with screens 14 "and more generally bring 6-cell Dell inspiron 1520 battery which should give a range of 3 to 4 hours. The apparatus.

While some Netbooks come with 3-cell batteries whose autonomy is obviously inferior. We clarify also that there is also Netbooks with 6-cell HP 510 battery which, incidentally, are the most recommended. But ... back to autonomy, certainly many people have noticed that the initial 3 or 4 hours during which they could use their notebooks without recharging, suddenly had to start charging every 2 hours or every hour and a half, right? Well, this is because we forget that this is a portable device and use it, like a PC desk, constantly connected to electricity, which is not bad enough, what we do is harmful is to keep the battery in the notebook while we have connected to electricity.

Go here then the first tip: When using the Notebook or Netbook connected to electricity, we must always remove the Dell XPS M1330 battery . The latter only place where we know that we use on a site which have no place to plug. As in the cell, rechargeable batteries or digital camera batteries, the charge should be made only when it is practically exhausted. Constant load, such as that done in the notebook-battery fitted, being connected to electricity, very quickly shortens the battery life to minimize life.

The paradox of the notebooks we use as if they were desktop computers, is that we turn on laptops when taking them to bed. Hence, given the need and desire, after a long and exhausting day, to throw us comfortable and keep working or enjoying a game, as we see is settled in bed, on a quilt, blanket, etc '. And behold, when we cause, without knowing it, another problem: Parts of a desktop computer are assembled in a cabinet that also depend on our thoroughness and good advice, ensure good ventilation and cooling of the same, ensuring , a longer life of our PC. Instead of a Dell XPS M1530 battery Notebook parts are assembled in a very limited and where do you ventilate? Precisely because the base is the support we are comfortably on our plush comforters.

And ... it is the second tip: If we are to take Dell latitude d630 battery to bed, we must always do so on a clean flat surface, a bedside table, a tray, but never, ever, on a bed cover, blanket, etc '. This prevents two problems: the excessive heating of the device due to lack of adequate ventilation and the consequent possibility that we burn some of its parts. This also prevented from entering the unit hair, lint and such little things that once accumulated in the interior, in a certain period of time, may even lead to burn us a microprocessor or any other party.

And ending, a third tip is to make periodic internal cleansing, obviously, at the hands of serious technical and specialized. Ideally, make a six, seven months, to avoid the dust, lint and hair that are introduced without we notice, shorten the life of it.

Despite these precautions, together with such care as to avoid the HP pavilion dv5 battery blows, support them and the famous things over spilled coffee, mate or water if uncertainties occur, but ... for now, with the three tips outlined above, avoid-at least more time-have to keep changing parts, of course, are not economic and not to mention the device itself.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Protect your laptop following a few simple and effective steps


(Notebook, laptop) gives us access to computing capabilities anywhere. Sadly, not every place is best to use our laptops.

There are sites that levels of dust, moisture or vibration may be harmful to your computer. Even the same city insecurity threatens our Apple powerbook g4 battery laptops. However, there are situations that are not expected and is required to access the Internet or run any software immediately. We must be ready for everything and that means, well, sort several ways, not all positive.

Is there any way to protect your laptop computer environment?

To use our laptop, it is worth continuing the following:

1. Use a bag / case for your laptop.

Something as simple as a bag or a carrying case can protect your Dell inspiron 1525 battery laptop and extend your life for many years. A solid case with some kind of soft inner lining to prevent scratches can protect your computer from both mechanical damage (shocks, vibration, shock) and the climate. Always look for alternatives waterproof, durable materials and with minimal space to carry your computer and other peripherals (for a large space makes the equipment easier to shake and bumping against the walls of the case.

2. Back up constantly

Although no direct impact on the security of your computer, make constant backups can help to preserve and protect the information in the Dell inspiron 1545 battery computer. Always on hand memory sticks (CDs, DVDs, flash ...) and save them the information it considers prudent to protect. Even, if necessary, keep a memory stick that allows you to recover your system in case of emergency (almost all computers come with some sort of removable memory that has native drivers and data necessary for the operating system is restored.)

3: Clean the time.

No need to overdo it is not always nice to have on hand a cloth with which to clean the screen and keyboard after using the Dell inspiron 6400 battery computer. It is also advisable to have a brush with which it can be cleaned thoroughly (and carefully) between keys. Some people carry compressed air sprays to make this clean and, well, clean the connections and prevent dust coat the contacts.

4: Avoid moisture.

It's a fact: the humidity is not the best friend of the digital equipment. Small amounts of water can corrode and damage delicate electrical contacts and parts. In large amounts, can completely ruin a computer. So you should avoid using a Dell xps m1330 battery laptop or a notebook near large water sources or areas with high humidity in the environment.

5: Do not leave your laptop

To avoid becoming a victim of insecurity in cities and prevent accidents, never leave your laptop unattended. It is a delicate piece of technology, though it can be everywhere, can not be left elsewhere (and less clumsy hands.)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

laptops should copy six features from iPad

In the second quarter of 2010, Apple sold 3.3 million iPads. In fact, it was the first quarter of the tablet device on the market, but still sold over MacBook laptop with around 800,000 units. Sales of the two products together Apple rose from seventh in the notebook market in the world on the third.

Laptop manufacturers should analyze also consider the factors affecting the popularity of the IPAD and how some of these functions could be built into laptops.

1. Battery life

When Apple announced technical specifications of the IPAD and requires 10 hours of Apple laptop battery life, I rolled my eyes. Figures published battery life are rare in the real world. But the reality exceeded the expectations of the iPad. He easily won 11 to 12 hours of battery life from my iPad, and others have reported the same.

2. Instant-on

You can click on the button IPAD energy and is now on a web page, calendar or e-mail draw. Likens the experience to pull your laptop into a conference room, wait about 30 seconds to boot to give, and then wait until the operating system is ready.

3. Central Software

The feature that the IPAD is infinitely useful and versatile his massive choice of third-party applications. This software is in a central repository, the App Store from Apple, which also includes all updates for IPAD applications.

4. Simple user interface

There is a children's book classic simple pictures are best when a photographer tried to do a portrait of the family, but the family is trying complicated positions. The photographer keeps repeating, simple images are the best. "

5. Content Consumption

One of the biggest complaints about the iPad offers a worse experience in content creation. It is undisputed, and, frankly, is one reason why I do not spend a lot of the iPad. It is primarily a reader of books, documents and files. If I do a lot of online content creation, to go from writing to post photos on Flickr and news updates on Twitter.

6. Size Matters

The possibility of the IPAD laptop case without taking another major advantage. The power supply is still small enough to wrap and in a pocket or purse. The small size of the IPAD business may feel as if you travel light, especially if you're used to a laptop bag to carry the machine and a range of accessories, it includes support.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Asus introduced the Eee Note

Asus Introduces Eee Note, described as a hybrid of eBook and digital book.

Asus Eee Note

The company chose to hit the problem head on by renaming its new product, a week ago, from Eee Tablet to Eee Note, a more accurate title going by the published specifications, that may have created its own niche market in the process.

Will be offered first two models, the Eee Note EA800 which has an 8 "screen, maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, ARM processor, 4 Gb or 16 Gb capacity, micro SD slot and 2MP camera. As Operating System includes Linux, WiFi connectivity, support for TXT, PDF and EPUB and its battery lasts 10 hours.

Regarding the 12 "model there are few details, only know that Intel will and Windows as OS, is expected to release in January 2011.

The launch will take place in Taiwan in the coming weeks, other countries like Russia, Italy and Germany will launch in late December, while the United States and the rest of Europe will not arrive until the first quarter of 2011.

EA800 model will be around $ 230, while the 12 "model is said to cost 900.

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How to Keep Your Cell Phone Battery run longer Part B

Use Screen Savers (Screensavers) simple:

The use of eye-catching screen savers and complicated, with many colors and motion graphics promotes greater consumption of energy savers that display the time or date, using a simple and talk longer about .

Use Single Ringtones:

The complex musical Ringtones (Incoming Call Alert) set to work on your phone processor, which uses more battery than the conventional warnings and simple.

Keep Volume Low Call Alert:

It is advisable to keep the volume as low as possible under the environmental noise conditions permit, you do not need the same volume in an office working on a busy street, and to optimize the life of your Acer Aspire 3050 battery , your fellow Work will thank you come down a bit to "cockroaches."

Pay attention to time and place of use:

Cell phones use more Apple macbook pro 17 inch battery , power when used in times when many users use the network, so if you have an important call that can be done at 7 am or 1 pm, go for it early and have a greater autonomy of use. The place where use can also influence the teams have a higher energy consumption when used in very dusty "Electrical Noise" such as a mall or an office building which used many appliances at the same time.

Clean the battery contacts regularly:

After months of use, it is common that the contacts between the Compaq presario cq40 battery and cell phone collect dust and dirt, to maximize the energy transfer is recommended to clean with a cotton swab (swab) with a few drops of alcohol, being careful to only moisten the contacts to clean them to prevent any liquid within the team.

Avoid using unnecessary features:

If you know you can not connect for a long time or your Compaq presario cq70 battery is low, avoiding the use of the camera (especially the flash), Internet connection, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. Just use the features you really need. A common example of this is with respect to Bluetooth, many people bring it on all day without it.

Use a wired handsfree device:

Bluetooth devices put extra strain on the battery usage, if you use a wired headset, not only save loads on your reservation, but will have a better sound, which I have personally checked all the Bluetooth headsets I've tested, especially when they have left half the load, not have the same fidelity, maybe not so sophisticated you go, but you keep talking when others are looking for a payphone.

Manage Calls Duration:

This may seem obvious, but how many times have we heard someone say "my Dell xps m1530 battery , is low, perhaps cutting the call" and then continue talking for 20 minutes until the phone dies, rationed the number of minutes to speak , especially at low load, you can get through the day with a spare pair of sticks.

Talking instead of sending e-mails:

If you have a phone capable of sending emails, if you have something quick to say, it is better to make a call and leave a message on voicemail, send an email, the data connection spends 3 to 4 times more energy than a voice connection.

In conclusion, there are many ways to save Dell xps m1330 battery power and use it efficiently, the important thing is to know our true needs and characteristics of our team. I hope these tips will be useful and put them into practice so you can stay connected with your friends instead of a wall connection.

Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Keep Your Cell Phone Battery run longer


Today, cell phones have become, for more and more users in an inseparable linked to photos, music, video, connection with loved ones and / or business, which is difficult to be separated, sometimes it seems like a string umbilical globalized world, however, the Dell Inspiron 1570 battery have not kept pace with that so have the number of applications and the degree of dependence that we keep to these mobile devices to interact, so it is useful to pay attention to best practices efficient use of portable energy storage.

Important recommendations:

Avoid exposure to heat and / or intense cold:

The batteries are designed to operate at room temperature, article Via which is particularly damaging is exposing them to high temperatures, but can not control the weather, if we can avoid leaving our equipment in a closed car in direct sunlight or charge our Dell inspiron e1505 battery cell within the pocket with the battery attached to our leg, when using a car charger, you should wait until the cabin temperature is stabilized at a comfortable level before connecting our team.

Turn Off the Phone:

One of the most effective practices is to manage energy consumption as necessary. If you do not plan to answer the phone during the night or after office hours, we strongly recommend turning it off, this allows the Dell inspiron mini 10 battery is used only productive hours, remember to have a finite number of charge cycles. It is also recommended to turn them off in places where it has received, or the signal is weak (in old buildings or in remote locations) phones constantly looking for signs, which spends considerably batteries. As a side note, the phones use more battery power when in roaming mode, so it is important to pay attention to battery levels when we travel and if they do not expect calls for long periods, consider turning it off.

If that is not going to use the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a cool dry place, preferably away from metal objects. After a timeout, the batteries are slowly, you will need recharging before putting them into use.

Vibration Alarm Shutdown:

Many teams bring the vibrate mode along with the call alert activated at the factory and a large number of users have it on all the time. This wastes the Dell Inspiron 1470 battery unnecessarily and energy intensive, it is preferable to limit it only to situations is essential, as in a movie theater or a meeting at work.

Reduce the brightness of background:

One of the elements that spends most of the cell Dell xps m1330 battery is the screen, the larger the lightness of it, the greater the load consumption, even in places like in a cinema is important (if somewhat annoying to the neighbors seat) is preferable to lower the screen brightness as far as practicable, try reducing it by half, so you can talk no longer connect.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Asus Notebook G51J3D Vision use experience Part B

Finally include autonomy, Asus G51J-3D is not a notebook battery efficient if much respect is due to clear mobile Core i7 processor, the video card GTX260M, two 7200RPM hard drives. This notebook was almost meant to be all the time connected to power.

With this finish writing my experience with G51J-3D, as I mentioned in the beginning it was bringing this little monster from side to side. Every time I got this notebook at the University, at home and even friends in the house when they came visiting was always a mandatory topic of conversation, having a mobile system for 3D movies is something you do not see every day and always There were positive comments about him.


After a long session of the G51J-3D tests proved to be a notebook with a formidable performance. Thanks to the NVIDIA GTX260M could enjoy various games without problems, using the 3D glasses experience in video games is also something unique in addition to HD movies in 3D and carry all this entertainment system anywhere in just a framework 15.6 "is unprecedented. The power play any multimedia was not a problem as well as perform well in multitasking, multiple applications simultaneously without filing lags or low performance.

As if that were little Asus includes several features and benefits with your notebook, from backpack, mouse, 3D kit, software, great support and warranty coverage. The G51J-3D offers more advantages than disadvantages, points to criticize would be the battery life is really poor and temperature. For a price of about $ 1500USD G51J-3D justifies its price.

After all we have seen in this review will find that the Asus G51J-3D is not a notebook for use in everyday tasks such as taking notes, check emails, etc and the battery is too limited to be used "on the go" mostly lacks autonomy. This notebook is simply a great portable game system and entertainment giant with a machine smaller than 17 "and 18.4". If what you are looking for a machine to compose email, surf the web and watching movies are looking in the wrong place. If you're a gamer looking for entertainment and new experiences are in the right place, this notebook has it all.


Great gaming performance

Ready for games and 3D movies

Warranty, technical support and services

Includes Backpack and Mouse

Price approx $ 1500USD


Battery, only 1.5 hours of battery life

Temperature, 3D G51J-very hot even during normal use

It requires maximum screen brightness for 3D games and movies to avoid skipping and sync issues

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Asus Notebook G51J3D Vision use experience Part A

The G51J-3D Vision is the latest notebook from the company of his acclaimed Asus Republic of Gamers subdivision (Republic of Gamers) 15.6" LED HD 120Hz for games, this notebook brings one of the latest mobile processors this being a Core i7 Q720M, a 260M GTX video card and its main feature is the ability to 3D gaming and HD movies in 3D.

We arrived at the weakest point of the entire system, with only 6 cells laptop battery, the Asus G51J-3D is not efficient if a notebook battery is concerned, much is due to mobile processor, Core i7, the GTX260M video card, two hard drives 7200RPM. The G51J-3D only lasted 1 hour 35 min off on before, to test battery performance put the profile mode of entertainment from Asus, the brightness of the screen was 80% with wireless peripherals activated.

My experience with 3D Vision G51J was very nice, the design of the Netbook is something to admire, no matter the place where I always leave carry a face of awe in everyone who saw it, its exterior design is very attractive and awesome.

The touchpad has a nice texture to the touch and has great size, not to mention the left and right buttons with an excellent response, unfortunately there are no multi-touch features and gesture recognition as the Asus Eee PC keyboard was convenient to handle being this full-size separate numeric pad, pressing any key feel good and are quiet, remember that the keyboard is backlit making it easier to use in the dark.

Carrying G51J-3D was not as difficult despite having a weight of 3.26Kg is well distributed. The thickness and measures are acceptable given its great power and performance. Heat is one of the main problems of this Notebook, but much is due to the above. The area is responsible for resting your hand / wrist gets to warm up a bit and the bottom as the left side to get warmed up considerably even when performing everyday tasks like Word, Exel, Powerpoint and web browsing . Do not recommend using this notebook over his legs, in a few minutes you can get hurt.

The display has a definition of 1366x768 pixels, or Asus might have included a higher definition screen but remember to play 3D games requires great graphic power, in this case G51J-3D has a GTX260 card which would be the minimum GTX200 series recommended to run 3D and as we saw in the tests under a virtual 3D gaming performance by 50% on average, a higher definition screen would be a problem for this card.

That was a bit annoying was that for the 3D mode either in movies or video games would be required to screen brightness to maximum brightness by lowering the noticeable jumps or synchronization problems, it is as if the soda was less than 120Hz. When you view the screen from different angles was noted some distortion in the colors, though the screen is LED technology, the panel is TN and IPS do not like Windows MAC.

Undoubtedly this Notebook can be considered as a replacement for a desktop machine just in a frame of 15.6 ". The great strength of this notebook is its performance in games where it really stands out, remember that you need to be connected to current to take advantage of the turbo mode of the processor and thus take advantage of 100% of this little monster. To make matters worse the ability to watch HD movies and 3D games makes this Notebook a comprehensive entertainment system.

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Windows Phone 7 grows inapplications and developers


15 days ago met the first issues on Windows Phone 7 (1600 applications in early November) but the platform is growing at a fairly fast pace which is great because it adds more competition to the industry and that never hurts.

"We are on track to deliver about 3,000 applications and games later this week. We have also seen an increase of about 80% in the number of developers registered from September, with more than 15,000 developers and signaling his intention to bring exciting content to Windows Phone. Obviously we're just getting warmed up ", said yesterday from the official Windows Phone Developer Blog.

And although it may seem small compared to the hundreds of thousands of items offered by stores market-leading applications, Android Market and Apple App Store, if we remember that the BlackBerry App World was only 6 000 applications in its first year, we note that Microsoft is doing the right things to attract developers and growing Windows Phone 7 with a truly impressive rate (numbers 15 days ago and today are correct apps were doubled in that period).

And to make this time (thinking particularly take advantage of the holiday season to fire), from Microsoft came out to announce several enhancements to Windows Phone Windows Marketplace and developers Phone 7:

Bing Visual Search: Now the search can be used to find applications and games in the United States and the United States for anything from a browser.

Xbox 360 promotion: building on strong sales of Kinect, applications and games WP7 will be prominently featured in the Xbox dashboard. now includes an application tab that leads to outstanding application lists the top free or localized for different markets including Mexico and Spain.

Windows Phone Zune Marketplace PC software: every time someone updates or download Zune PC software (either Xbox or a PC running Windows or WP7) will see the latest music, videos and applications for Windows Phone.

Links to advocacy: now developers can add their sites called "deep links" from other marketing materials to bring the customer to the page of the application or game.

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