Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to choose the right battery?

There are many laptop battery in the electronic market, a large number of substandard products into the market, including many original batteries counterfeit, take many potential to consumers. For non-professional consumers, we suggest the customer select the notebook battery following to the next tips:

1. Check packaging

Battery packaging should be sealed anti-static bags, anti-static foam lining, which is to protect the basic configuration of the Compaq presario cq60 battery.

Battery packaging should have a bar code serial code. Bar code is provided by the factory management of commodity standards to identify the authority logo.

2.check the appearance

Batteries should not be scratched or the appearance of the old sense, or readily available second-hand goods renovation as OEM Compaq presario cq70 battery.

Battery case should be clear parameters, performance, application of model identification.

Joints up and down the Dell inspiron 1440 battery cover should have no marks have been opened.

3. Check the official commitment to the protection of that and after-sale

Formal professional laptop battery grade qualified products cylindrical Dell inspiron 1545 battery , since the date of the factory, there are bonds for one year warranty. If you can not have this commitment, then the use of batteries and other materials may not be the quality of very qualified sub-grade batteries but batteries. At present the market with large number of obsolete Japan, South Korea and the poor Dell vostro 1510 battery conversion, this product may seem cheap products are actually huge profits, as well as the normal use of notebook computers much damage, the explosion will be serious personal injury caused to consumers.

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