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Increase the life of your cell phone battery


Who knows a lot of calls with the phone the problem, the phone battery does often played out in less than an hour. The Laptop battery life of mobile phone batteries have improved substantially in recent years, but there are some things to consider for the new cell phone battery also makes what he promises.

Often becomes clear after some time that the vote not specified Compaq presario c700 battery life, this is often due to incorrect handling of the mobile phone batteries. One should also note that to play for the power consumption of mobile phones from several factors. If you phone a lot, take photos with a cell phone camera and perhaps even hear music from your phone, your cell phone battery will be empty much faster than if you only occasionally call or send instant messages.

Extend the life of your battery, you should be aware that you are charging your phone's Compaq presario cq50 battery as infrequently as possible and always complete. If your mobile phone indicating that the cell phone battery is fully charged, you can load the phone on, usually the cell phone battery is only at 80% and you can use the cell phone battery is not "overloaded". Since most cell phone batteries more than 1000 to 1500 recharges , you should create the cell phone battery, charge complete, shorter in regular, short loading times the battery life.

Mobile Phone Batteries

The mobile phone battery is the most important part of the phone. Without a charged battery, nothing works. Does the Compaq presario cq60 battery power of mobile phones to suddenly clear and must be the cell phone more often to charge connected to the charger, which can have various causes. Thus, the cell phone battery properly and work long and not every day be connected to the charger has to load, some things are considered. Otherwise reduce rapidly the manufacturer's specified standby time and talktime of your phone. Then you are forced to buy a new cell phone battery and mobile phone accessories have not always favorable.

Li-Po and Li-Ion Batteries

In the current phones are currently the much smaller and lighter lithium-ion or lithium polymer Compaq presario cq70 battery are installed. This cell phone batteries have the advantage over older mobile phone battery - generations the advantage that your ingredients are not toxic. These cell phone batteries, it is virtually no memory effect and recharging your mobile phone battery can be independent from the battery charge level. The disadvantage of this mobile phone battery is it due to oxidation and corrosion processes are often not much older than three years. Also on hand, these batteries are not unlimited loads. Li-ion cell phone batteries provide about 1,000 recharges and Li-Po cell phone battery about 500 recharges.

Extend the life of your cell phone battery

The higher the transmission power of mobile phones more energy is consumed. Make sure that the transmission power of the mobile phone is not disturbed unnecessarily. Also, you should disable all unnecessary functions, can save a lot of electricity and the phone Compaq presario f500 battery should be charged less and the lifetime increases. Turn off features that do not have to like WLAN, Bluetooth and infrared. You can also customize your display backlight issue key tones, welcome sounds or animations. If the phone for long periods of time needed to turn it off just fine, especially if you turn off your cell phone at night, the lifetime increases by a multiple and mobile phone alarm goes off anyway. Avoid excessive heat and sunlight to your phone and your cell phone battery. Also do not like the cold phone batteries. At 50 degrees Celsius provides a NiCd battery only 50% of its battery life. Let for example Your phone is not in the car or in the sun on the table in the summer.

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