Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to maintain a digital camera

1. A digital camera is a precision equipment, proper maintenance can extend its working life.

2. You should always clean up. You need to use external soft lint cloth, memory card slot of the battery should also be frequently with a soft brush or blow the balloon to clear the dust.

3. Digital camera battery generally have multi-coated lens to compare effemination, would accidentally scratch coating. Generally do not move it, it is necessary only need to be cleaned up, a little bit of dust, generally will not affect the imaging results. If we are not careful the camera on the left hand, it should be cleared as soon as possible because it is a damaged lens. Normally should be particularly careful to protect the lens and the surface of the lens with a very fragile, especially when gently wipe the correct way is: first blow balloon blowing dust, and then drawcircle professional lens cleaning paper, using the Canon nb-4l .

4. There will always be a digital camera with sophisticated electrical systems, more vulnerable, so to avoid high temperature, strong shock and drop from a height, do not suddenly from hot to cold outdoor room. What must be avoided water, fell into the water. Million accidentally soiled water, they should immediately turn off the power supply, wipe dry and then boot, in the case of the use of fog rain put a plastic bag and Canon bp-511.

5. Kept a digital camera should avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures, but also to avoid a room on the wet. To stay away from dust, powder, sand and so on. Antimagnetic also, especially not on television, radio, refrigerators and other household electrical appliances. Long-term need to be taken out the Sony np-bg1 because the battery will be leakage, corrosion camera.

6. Although the digital camera is compact, easy to carry on the pocket, but it do not forget to wear a protective clothing ah, in case of multi-tap the touch ah distressed. You can use small Camera put it together, can also be fitted to other attachments Casio np-30 , it is not very convenient?

Digital camera LCD screen is also the most likely to wash hands and clean have to be careful too, because in general there is a layer of LCD-plated anti-glare film, this coating has been damaged can not repair. Do not put pressure on, otherwise the screen will be damaged or malfunction.

7. The Nikon en-el3e stored in a dark dry place. The existence of the camera should also be dry, well-ventilated place. If long storage, can have the camera in a plastic bag with desiccant. Desiccant to absorb moisture will be lost after the results, to be replaced regularly and often to check out the camera, pressed the shutter a number of boot.

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