Friday, October 15, 2010

17 steps to disassemble HP 530 notebook and replace touchpad

17 steps to disassemble HP 530 notebook and replace touchpad

Step 8 Disconnect the video cable from the motherboard.

Pull the wireless antenna cables through the hole in the HP pavilion dv6000 battery motherboard. Disconnect the wires from the wireless card in step 4.

Remove the two screws holding the display panel hinges. Removed two screws holding the screen in step 5.

Remove the display assembly of the portable base. Here you find the LCD of distance education in the official service guide HP 530 laptop. Check out page 49 may seek new LCD screens.

Step 9. Unplug the cable from the control panel of the motherboard. Unlock the connector in the same way that you unlock in STEP 7.

Remove screw the panel. Remove the panel.

STEP 10 Remove all remaining screws on the bottom.

Step 11 Disconnect the touchpad cable from the HP pavilion dv9000 battery motherboard.

Step 12 Start the top cover of the portable base. Also separate the top cover of the base. By the way, is on a HP pavilion dv4 battery Notebook PC, the motherboard is attached to the cover, not the lower group than most other notebooks. Remove the bottom cover.

Step 13 The lower deck was removed. Now you can get at and replace the RTC (CMOS) battery if necessary.

Step 14 Remove a screw from the fans. Disconnect the fan cable from the HP pavilion dv6 battery motherboard. Remove the fan. Here are a replacement fan.

Step 15 Remove the four screws holding the heatsink. Remove the heat sink. On my laptop the heatsink clogged up with dust and needs a good cleaning effect. After removing the heat sink, which can and remove the processor (CPU), if necessary. I let the processor connected to the motherboard.

STEP 16th Unplug the HP pavilion dv5 battery speaker cable. Take out one screw from the motherboard on the top deck. Begin to remove the plaque was removed from the top cover. The motherboard.

STEP 17 The touchpad is on the top cover is then secured by a metal clamp. I am not removed because the touchpad when you get to buy a new cover with lid. Now you can replace the entire upper deck with a new one. Here is a new top cover (with touch-pad) with the number of spare parts for HP. In my book the part number 441626-001. I think you can use the same coverage for all HP 530 Notebook PC.

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