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9-Cell Primary Dell Inspiron 1545 battery review

The Dell Inspiron 1545 meets two of the most basic laptop requirements: Both its screen and hard drive are large enough to handle the gamut of multimedia tasks. Intel Pentium-branded processor lags behind the mainstream Intel Core 2 Duos, comes with a nice 15.6-inch widescreen, 320GB of storage space, and 4GB of memory. At 5.8 pounds, the Inspiron 1545 rides a fine line between portable mainstream and desktop replacement. Here will write something for Dell inspiron 1545 battery 9Cell primary review.

The Dell inspiron 1545 battery specs :

Technology : 9-cell lithium ion

Capacity : 85Whr

Volt : 11.1V

Manufacturer Part# : RU586

Compatible model : Inspiron 15, Dell Inspiron 1525, Inspiron 1526, Inspiron 1545

This product comes with 1 year limited warranty.

The Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Over view :

9Cell Inspiron 1545 battery extend your internet business and journey. Inspiron 1545 battey is a safty and fresh battery. It is a little heavy as its 0.43 kg and have a added stick compare to the 6Cell. I think the stick has a 3Cell battery pack. It provides uninterrupted reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system. Inspiron 1545 laptop battery is 12 month quality warraty.

Customer Rview

I have had time to try out my new 9 cell battery on my Inspiron 1545, and it lives up to it's claim of much longer charge time than the standard 6 cell. It's nice to know that I can actually leave the adapter at home and still use my computer for extended periods of time without fear of running out of battery power. A wise purchase for me.

Less than a year, I bought two Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. I have an update of the 9 cell Dell inspiron 1545 battery. After three months of use, we noticed that no less than an hour burden. Now both teams are getting the message to begin the observation that the life of the battery is low and must be replaced.

I paid for this "best" of the booster battery. But it is a total waste of money. Look carefully at the specifications and details, Dell says the battery. You notice they do not say how long the battery will not hold a charge also say that the life expectancy. I think the battery should last at least a year.

I bought Dell computers in the past and have some sort of problem with either. The two Dell Inspiron is the last time that you buy.

If I buy a new computer, always buy a spare battery just in case. "It was no different when I bought my new Inspiron 1545 just last month. As always, I ordered a spare Dell laptop battery to go with him. Normally, I'm bought the same type that came with the computer, but according to the request a Replacement Battery realized I that while the kit comes with a 6-cell battery, a 9-cell battery is available. The description better battery life promised with 9-cell, and the description was correct. With 6-cell Inspiron 1545 battery, only in a position to want to go around two hours unplugged, but with the 9-cell battery, which go more than four hours was unplugged while on the Internet. you no longer between the classes I need for batteries change, I now use as my primary batteries and took the 6-cell my backup. The extension of the life 9-cell, I do not see me with my 6-cell battery at all.

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