Thursday, December 2, 2010

Asus Notebook G51J3D Vision use experience Part A

The G51J-3D Vision is the latest notebook from the company of his acclaimed Asus Republic of Gamers subdivision (Republic of Gamers) 15.6" LED HD 120Hz for games, this notebook brings one of the latest mobile processors this being a Core i7 Q720M, a 260M GTX video card and its main feature is the ability to 3D gaming and HD movies in 3D.

We arrived at the weakest point of the entire system, with only 6 cells laptop battery, the Asus G51J-3D is not efficient if a notebook battery is concerned, much is due to mobile processor, Core i7, the GTX260M video card, two hard drives 7200RPM. The G51J-3D only lasted 1 hour 35 min off on before, to test battery performance put the profile mode of entertainment from Asus, the brightness of the screen was 80% with wireless peripherals activated.

My experience with 3D Vision G51J was very nice, the design of the Netbook is something to admire, no matter the place where I always leave carry a face of awe in everyone who saw it, its exterior design is very attractive and awesome.

The touchpad has a nice texture to the touch and has great size, not to mention the left and right buttons with an excellent response, unfortunately there are no multi-touch features and gesture recognition as the Asus Eee PC keyboard was convenient to handle being this full-size separate numeric pad, pressing any key feel good and are quiet, remember that the keyboard is backlit making it easier to use in the dark.

Carrying G51J-3D was not as difficult despite having a weight of 3.26Kg is well distributed. The thickness and measures are acceptable given its great power and performance. Heat is one of the main problems of this Notebook, but much is due to the above. The area is responsible for resting your hand / wrist gets to warm up a bit and the bottom as the left side to get warmed up considerably even when performing everyday tasks like Word, Exel, Powerpoint and web browsing . Do not recommend using this notebook over his legs, in a few minutes you can get hurt.

The display has a definition of 1366x768 pixels, or Asus might have included a higher definition screen but remember to play 3D games requires great graphic power, in this case G51J-3D has a GTX260 card which would be the minimum GTX200 series recommended to run 3D and as we saw in the tests under a virtual 3D gaming performance by 50% on average, a higher definition screen would be a problem for this card.

That was a bit annoying was that for the 3D mode either in movies or video games would be required to screen brightness to maximum brightness by lowering the noticeable jumps or synchronization problems, it is as if the soda was less than 120Hz. When you view the screen from different angles was noted some distortion in the colors, though the screen is LED technology, the panel is TN and IPS do not like Windows MAC.

Undoubtedly this Notebook can be considered as a replacement for a desktop machine just in a frame of 15.6 ". The great strength of this notebook is its performance in games where it really stands out, remember that you need to be connected to current to take advantage of the turbo mode of the processor and thus take advantage of 100% of this little monster. To make matters worse the ability to watch HD movies and 3D games makes this Notebook a comprehensive entertainment system.

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