Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Keep Your Cell Phone Battery run longer


Today, cell phones have become, for more and more users in an inseparable linked to photos, music, video, connection with loved ones and / or business, which is difficult to be separated, sometimes it seems like a string umbilical globalized world, however, the Dell Inspiron 1570 battery have not kept pace with that so have the number of applications and the degree of dependence that we keep to these mobile devices to interact, so it is useful to pay attention to best practices efficient use of portable energy storage.

Important recommendations:

Avoid exposure to heat and / or intense cold:

The batteries are designed to operate at room temperature, article Via which is particularly damaging is exposing them to high temperatures, but can not control the weather, if we can avoid leaving our equipment in a closed car in direct sunlight or charge our Dell inspiron e1505 battery cell within the pocket with the battery attached to our leg, when using a car charger, you should wait until the cabin temperature is stabilized at a comfortable level before connecting our team.

Turn Off the Phone:

One of the most effective practices is to manage energy consumption as necessary. If you do not plan to answer the phone during the night or after office hours, we strongly recommend turning it off, this allows the Dell inspiron mini 10 battery is used only productive hours, remember to have a finite number of charge cycles. It is also recommended to turn them off in places where it has received, or the signal is weak (in old buildings or in remote locations) phones constantly looking for signs, which spends considerably batteries. As a side note, the phones use more battery power when in roaming mode, so it is important to pay attention to battery levels when we travel and if they do not expect calls for long periods, consider turning it off.

If that is not going to use the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a cool dry place, preferably away from metal objects. After a timeout, the batteries are slowly, you will need recharging before putting them into use.

Vibration Alarm Shutdown:

Many teams bring the vibrate mode along with the call alert activated at the factory and a large number of users have it on all the time. This wastes the Dell Inspiron 1470 battery unnecessarily and energy intensive, it is preferable to limit it only to situations is essential, as in a movie theater or a meeting at work.

Reduce the brightness of background:

One of the elements that spends most of the cell Dell xps m1330 battery is the screen, the larger the lightness of it, the greater the load consumption, even in places like in a cinema is important (if somewhat annoying to the neighbors seat) is preferable to lower the screen brightness as far as practicable, try reducing it by half, so you can talk no longer connect.

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