Saturday, December 11, 2010

laptops should copy six features from iPad

In the second quarter of 2010, Apple sold 3.3 million iPads. In fact, it was the first quarter of the tablet device on the market, but still sold over MacBook laptop with around 800,000 units. Sales of the two products together Apple rose from seventh in the notebook market in the world on the third.

Laptop manufacturers should analyze also consider the factors affecting the popularity of the IPAD and how some of these functions could be built into laptops.

1. Battery life

When Apple announced technical specifications of the IPAD and requires 10 hours of Apple laptop battery life, I rolled my eyes. Figures published battery life are rare in the real world. But the reality exceeded the expectations of the iPad. He easily won 11 to 12 hours of battery life from my iPad, and others have reported the same.

2. Instant-on

You can click on the button IPAD energy and is now on a web page, calendar or e-mail draw. Likens the experience to pull your laptop into a conference room, wait about 30 seconds to boot to give, and then wait until the operating system is ready.

3. Central Software

The feature that the IPAD is infinitely useful and versatile his massive choice of third-party applications. This software is in a central repository, the App Store from Apple, which also includes all updates for IPAD applications.

4. Simple user interface

There is a children's book classic simple pictures are best when a photographer tried to do a portrait of the family, but the family is trying complicated positions. The photographer keeps repeating, simple images are the best. "

5. Content Consumption

One of the biggest complaints about the iPad offers a worse experience in content creation. It is undisputed, and, frankly, is one reason why I do not spend a lot of the iPad. It is primarily a reader of books, documents and files. If I do a lot of online content creation, to go from writing to post photos on Flickr and news updates on Twitter.

6. Size Matters

The possibility of the IPAD laptop case without taking another major advantage. The power supply is still small enough to wrap and in a pocket or purse. The small size of the IPAD business may feel as if you travel light, especially if you're used to a laptop bag to carry the machine and a range of accessories, it includes support.

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