Friday, December 3, 2010

Asus Notebook G51J3D Vision use experience Part B

Finally include autonomy, Asus G51J-3D is not a notebook battery efficient if much respect is due to clear mobile Core i7 processor, the video card GTX260M, two 7200RPM hard drives. This notebook was almost meant to be all the time connected to power.

With this finish writing my experience with G51J-3D, as I mentioned in the beginning it was bringing this little monster from side to side. Every time I got this notebook at the University, at home and even friends in the house when they came visiting was always a mandatory topic of conversation, having a mobile system for 3D movies is something you do not see every day and always There were positive comments about him.


After a long session of the G51J-3D tests proved to be a notebook with a formidable performance. Thanks to the NVIDIA GTX260M could enjoy various games without problems, using the 3D glasses experience in video games is also something unique in addition to HD movies in 3D and carry all this entertainment system anywhere in just a framework 15.6 "is unprecedented. The power play any multimedia was not a problem as well as perform well in multitasking, multiple applications simultaneously without filing lags or low performance.

As if that were little Asus includes several features and benefits with your notebook, from backpack, mouse, 3D kit, software, great support and warranty coverage. The G51J-3D offers more advantages than disadvantages, points to criticize would be the battery life is really poor and temperature. For a price of about $ 1500USD G51J-3D justifies its price.

After all we have seen in this review will find that the Asus G51J-3D is not a notebook for use in everyday tasks such as taking notes, check emails, etc and the battery is too limited to be used "on the go" mostly lacks autonomy. This notebook is simply a great portable game system and entertainment giant with a machine smaller than 17 "and 18.4". If what you are looking for a machine to compose email, surf the web and watching movies are looking in the wrong place. If you're a gamer looking for entertainment and new experiences are in the right place, this notebook has it all.


Great gaming performance

Ready for games and 3D movies

Warranty, technical support and services

Includes Backpack and Mouse

Price approx $ 1500USD


Battery, only 1.5 hours of battery life

Temperature, 3D G51J-very hot even during normal use

It requires maximum screen brightness for 3D games and movies to avoid skipping and sync issues

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