Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 Steps to Replace iPod battery


It is very easy to replace the iPod Apple laptop battery , but be warned that replacing iPod battery process will violate the Apple warranty policy . I do not want to be responsible for damage caused to your iPod as this article.

Step 1 - Find a iPod battery replacement to fits your iPod (as www.battery4.us). You must be sure that the laptop battery is bought for your iPod model! The iPod battery for you will end up in money loss.

Step 2 - Turn off the iPod and put the hold button to on position. You'll have to take a flathead screwdriver, as thin as possible. Sometimes the online shop actually sends the battery with a tool. In any case, you must pry open the iPod, putting the tool between the plastic and metal, once you feel a clip, ever so gently pry open. Continue around the iPod, curious, open every lock.

Step 3 - You will have to use that tool to take off Macbook Pro battery from the hardrive. They are stuck together. Once off, disconnect the battery from the motherboard.

Step 4 - Connect the new battery to the board of the iPod (where you disconnected the battery of age) and place the Apple PowerBook G4 battery in the glue that remained on the hard disk. Make sure the battery is discharged, and the place effectively cable can actually close the iPod. Snap the case back together, you're going to hear when it's done!

Step 5 - Power and charge your iPod and give new life to your iPod!

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