Thursday, July 8, 2010

New battery can not be fully charged

Generally the new battery can 100% fully discharge-charge. Last month I buy a latitude d820 battery replacement, as my work dont need to take the notebook out, so I use the notebook with the AC adapter and I store the battery in my drawer. Last Friday, I want to visite my customer with my notebook and show some business projects. So I charged my battery for a whole night, but I only see my battery 70% capacity state charged next morning. My battery is really new, why it can not be 100% charged?

So I query the battery expert Jack Smith that the reason "Why new battery can not be fully charged?". He said that : after the laptop battery not use for a long time, the battery charge must in the low current in the right system power option. And then he give me some adviese to set the power Option. Now I introduce the tips for my readers step by step with detail photos.

A .windows xp system:

1) Go to Start/Control Panel/Power Options and look for the "Alarms" tab.

2) Choose Low Sony VGP-BPS9 battery alarm and critical battery alarm to make the alarm operation to no operation untick the two boxes(see below picture)

3) Let it discharge the battery till the laptop automatically off.

4) Charge the Sony VGP-BPS9/B again.

Attention:Do as below:

B: Windows vistar system:

1) Go to Start/Control Panel/Power Options/Edit Plan Settings /Battery/Low battery action/Do nothing.

2) Let it discharge the Pavilion dv6000 Battery till the laptop automatically off.

3) Charge the battery again.

In the end if you still cant fully charge your laptop battery, you can calibrate the battery and then use the battery fresh program to refresh your battery to calibrate the battery charge-discharge time.

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