Monday, June 28, 2010

How to install another hard drive for Inspiron 1720

Sometimes only one hard drive is not enough to store our more and more infomation (images, movie and so on). Especillay the original laptop hard drive is too small to save our life. So we used to buy another one for our laptop. The article is about how to install another hard drive for Dell inspiron 1720 battery.

The first thing you must to do is buy a new SATA 2.5" hard drive and a "DELL 1720 hard drive caddy". Make sure the hard drive box includes the SATA connector (interface between the SATA hard drive and the DELL 1720 laptop). The Dell laptop battery hard drive and caddy you buy usually includes some HDD bracket, drive screws. Then only tool you need is a screwdriver.

Step1 : Assemble the drive and caddy


Insert the black "SATA Connector" into the "edge connector" on the end of the SATA hard drive. Then insert the hard drive into the caddy/bracket. Use the four screws to secure the hard drive into the caddy/bracket.

Step2: Turn off the Dell inspiron 1721 battery and disconnect all the third device of the laptop (like keyboard mouse). Use a screw driver to loosen the two screws which secure the cover of the hard drive bay. Then Remove the Hard Drive Bay Cover.

Step 3: Insert your "assembled" DELL 1720 caddy + SATA hard drive into the empty drive bay

Step 4: Secure the hard drive caddy to the DELL 1720 notebook with the screws provided. There are three screws to attach the bracket.


Step 5: Replace the cover for the notebook's Hard Drive Bay and secure with the screws that came with the notebook.

Note: Sometimes the laptop can not recognize the new hard drive, please format the new hard drive and then reboot the laptop. Also the installing another hard drive to Dell Vostro 1700 inspiron 1721 is the similar.

Now you can store your life and more movies in your laptop as you want. Good luck. Where to buy hopes that help you.

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