Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to increase the battery life of iPod


A healthy and long life of your iPod battery will give you more hours of entertainment. Follow these simple tips for enjoying a longer life Apple laptop battery. Put your iPod to sleep after listening Once you've finished listening, at the same time laptops-battery.co.uk suggest you put the iPod to sleep to save power.

Put your iPod to sleep after hearing

Once you've finished listening, put the Apple Macbook Pro battery iPod to sleep to save power.

Pause button can be used freely

We normally do not use this button, often after putting your Powerbook G4 battery iPod to sleep, slide the pause button to "on". Wondering why? Because the click wheel is very sensitive, if you get a brush in your pocket or a blow to his case, start playing and all your battery will drain.

Control your iPod backlight

This is another Apple iBook G4 14 inch battery drainer, very big. Reducing the backlight to two seconds or five seconds, never leave it always on. Here are quick steps to do that, from the main menu, scroll down to the configuration. Press releases select the button, the list appears, select Backlight, then choose the time. In this way it will improve battery life for sure.

Check your screen brightness

You need really bright screen? Brightness adjustment can save a lot of Apple A1079 battery , Apple A1175 battery, so that the brightness you need more than the battery. If you drop a little, the battery life will be enhanced. Here is how you can do, to get to the settings menu, scroll down to the brightness and press the select button.

If you take care of the above factors, the laptop battery life of iPod is certainly going to improve. IPod Follow the tips and tricks here.

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