Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tablet MSI and Asus, the first alternative to iPad

For better or worse, iPad is certainly doing a lot about him. Next year could see a boom in iPad tablet-style, as in 2008/2009 there was one netbook-like Eee PCEee PC 1200 battery.

Sambora Chen, director of sales for MSI, spoke of in June as the date of launch of the first tablet is intended to act as a direct competitor to iPad. Asus(Asus Eee PC 701 battery), for its part, had already announced a long-Eee Pad, which was to reveal the recent CES 2010. Failure to launch is perhaps due to a cautious wait for Asus(Eee PC 1000 battery) to study the best first move for Apple(Apple A1185 battery)?

Both MSI and Asus Tablet future will be based on Nvidia Tegra platform, will have a display of 10 "and all the possibilities of a real notebook(notebook battery), then a real operating system (iPad forgotten, works with an iPhone-like OS) . Both Asus(Asus laptop battery) and MSI, different hardware configurations possible for their tablets. Also for both there was talk of a price around $ 500.

We talk about the past, because it seems that the presentation of iPad has put everything into question. According to the latest sounds, MSI and Asus would have been crowded out by the unexpected price iPad: before the keynote of Steve Jobs spoke of not less than $ 1,000. In fact, the starting price of iPad, "only" $ 499, was perhaps most surprising, until now, the Apple tablet.

MSI and Asus planning to propose to iPad similar systems and make them attractive to the public through the cheapest prices by 20-30% compared to Apple. A price war in the threshold of $ 499 could mean, for the moment, a margin too small to throw in the tablet market. MSI and Asus seem so forced to reformulate their strategies, which could delay the outputs of their products and leave the field open to Apple(Apple A1245 battery) for a while.

Even Paul Peng, CEO of AU Optronics, said the starting price of iPad will be the key to its success: second Peng, iPad could sell 10 million units in the first year of life (stratospheric figure, considering that the tablet pc "old style" sell around 3 million units per year) and steal more and more space in the netbook notebook market (and already for other reasons was planned for the worst vintage Netbook).

Resource: Tablet MSI and Asus, the first alternative to iPad

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