Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Solar Charger Power Pack With Video

Solar Charger Power Pack With Video

You can control by pressing the button with the battery sign to charge battery,such as sony vgp-bps2c.

But that is not everything, you can charge the spare battery not only by the solar panel. Yes, there are 3 other options:

1st You can use the Power Pack and plug the USB charge of a computer.

2nd You can charge the battery on the 220 volt USB AC adapter, which is also included in the package.

3rd You can charge the compaq presario m2000 battery via the USB 12 volt car adapter load, which then is also in the postal packet to you in this.


Yes, and at this point many readers are probably saying to yourself: Hey, that's practical, so I always have a freshly charged spare ibm thinkpad x60s battery with me. Yeah you are right, this is so!And with a full spare battery in your pocket, you can make many friends all over the world, because not everyone has a spare battery there when it matters.

How can you take off the electricity?

If you want to lose power to recharge your cell phone, then plug the included USB plug in output jack and you can charge your mobile phone.
But you can not load just your mobile phone. In the delivery, you also get a charger for rechargeable Acer TravelMate 2440 battery and Ibm thinkpad t60 series battery .

And one more little Randnotitz the end.

We have tested many solar chargers, large and small, and also those who see the model presented very, very similar. But only the one device has so far received our 5 stars for the solar panel and Lenovo thinkpad r61 battery .

OK, if you ever read during the brief for himself thought it would be something for me, then I am giving you a detailed list of the delivery, what would you get if you put the solar wagon in the shopping cart.
Now, in order, you will receive:

  • The solar panel with the battery.

  • The battery charger.

  • The various cable including a clip-on adapter and other iPhone adapter for the different major cell phone brands.

  • In addition, you still get a 220 volt USB connector and a USB 12 volt car plug.

With this set you are independent and can either load the Ibm thinkpad t61 battery via the solar panel on the 220 volt USB adapter or the 12 volt car adapter. An all-round carefree energy package. Would not you too? Yes, exactly.And so, please note this offer only lasts as long stock and our stock is limited.

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