Friday, April 2, 2010

The maintenance of cellular batteries A

The maintenance of cellular batteries A

With the introduction of lithium-ion batteries, much less fell out of batteries during the warranty period, as with nickel-based batteries. Lithium-ion is less erratic and requires that the user less attention than nickel. Nevertheless, remains the volume of returned laptop batteries relatively high.

A North American operator of a cellular network with about 12 million subscribers, receives about 70,000 gross expected returns under warranty a month. Of these mobile phones have returned 50% mechanical failure, 30% do not meet the expected performance, 15% have battery or Ladegeräteprobleme and 5% other errors.

Returned phone batteries

80-90% of the returned batteries (such as IBM Thinkpad X61S Battery ) have either a mistake or can be regenerated easily with a battery analyzer. The batteries are stored until they are regenerated and then finally disposed of. Returned batteries are a million-dollar problem

There are many reasons for battery failure. The battery may have been insufficiently loaded before being used. Perhaps the battery was left in a closet, or the charger worked incorrectly. Also a lack of knowledge on batteries it can be to blame. The real reason may be recognized before.

To keep the customers happy and to fulfill the guarantee obligations, replace the Lenovo thinkpad x200 battery outlets, no questions asked. The competition makes it difficult to do otherwise. The bad battery is then sent to the manufacturer for replacement.

Phone manufacturers know that 80-90% of the returned IBM ThinkPad R60e Battery have either no error, or can be regenerated easily with a battery analyzer. The remaining 10-20% can be made functional again by reactivating the protection circuit using a boost-program or by the application of load / unload cycles. Only a small percentage of batteries returned under warranty to show an irreparable mistake.

Not all batteries and cell phones that are brought in for repair, have a manufacturing defect. Some ThinkPad T42 Battery can be damaged by dropping or improper because of other treatments. A responsible person of a maintenance workshop noted a leading phone manufacturer, that the overfilling of coffee is a frequent reason of failures. The acid contained in coffee could damage the electrical conductors on the phone and battery. The immersion in coffee can happen if the user inadvertently confused the coffee cup to the charger.

To reduce the input of warranty cases, some manufacturers have begun to charge for Retournierungen without error the amount of $ 35US. Because of these extra costs the dealer has no choice but to continue to accept warranty claims and these capricious customers to provide a IBM ThinkPad T60 Battery replacement. The camps were filled with unusable material, and around 1997 was the critical limit is reached. The cost for the exchange, the loss of time for the retailers, transport, storage and other additional costs for the exchange of mobile phones have become a multi-million dollar problem.


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