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Changing your laptop battery

Changing your laptop battery


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Changing a laptop battery is a relatively simple process. Normally, a new lithium-ion laptop battery will give satisfactory performance through approximately 500 charge-recharge cycles of use.

The first laptops will run on standard AA batteries. However, it consumes so much power that could run on a set of batteries for only a few hours. The first commercial notebook computers compatible with IBM were small and light enough to be carried in a backpack, and could run on lead acid batteries, the type used in automobiles.

The latest generations of batteries used in laptops are called "smart batteries. This is because the battery's ability to communicate with the laptop user. Unfortunately, the definition of a smart battery" is not universal, but varies among different manufacturers and regulatory authorities. Some vendors call their batteries 'smart' because their XPS M1310 battery incorporate a preprogrammed chip that sets the charger as standard requirements.

Most "smart" battery chargers are controlled by the parameters of chemical cells. Once the chemical cell has degraded, the laptop battery needs to be changed. In some cases, the chemistry of the battery can be fully restored, but the fuel gauge may be inaccurate or other data may be corrupted. In these cases, although the digital readout becomes inaccurate due to a malfunction, the battery fully charged yet and can operate for some time.

At the end of its useful life, reversible chemical processes inside a XPS M1710 battery degrades considerably. This leads to a state where the battery can not power the laptop unless it is connected to the main 110-volt source through an adopter. This means that effectively turns the laptop on a desk.

When it comes time to replace your laptop battery is better to buy a replacement Dell Latitude D820 Battery for the agency, which sold the laptop. It is also advisable to ask suppliers of batteries to replace the battery, it would be more familiar with the proceedings.

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