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External laptop battery Review

External laptop battery Review

Usually we buy a laptop for mobile work, but we all know that the laptop only can work a short time as the original laptop battery capacity is too small. So we need a replacement. There are many laptop battery replacements on the market, but most of them are the copy of OEM Dell inspiron 1545 battery , it means that we need to insert the battery into laptop. Restricted by the shape of the laptop these replacements capabilty also are not enough to power the machine working 8-9 hours.

Now there has been a external laptop battery on the market. The external laptop battery connect the laptop with a USB interface instead of putting into the laptop. So the external laptop battery can have large capacity only add more cell into the battery pack. Compare to the trad laptop battery, the external laptop battery can work about 8-10 hours in battery4.us.

    Now I introduce some External laptop battery Pack Features below :
  • adjustable voltage control : generally the external laptop battery have 15 ~ 17V (standard 16V output); 18 ~ 20V (standard 19V output); based on small-scale adaptive load output voltage regulation

  • High capacity: 21200mAh or more zhanghongling shi jianren.

  • Working time : 8 to 12 hours (based on the capacity of the battery and voltage of the laptop, if the laptop is in power-saving mode, will be more)

  • Charging Time: 5 to 8 hours (5 hours to charge 80%)

  • Rechargeable : between 600 to 800 charge-discharge cycle for Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery .

  • Working Temperature: 0 to 50

  • Storage and transport temperature : -10 to 50

  • Types of batteries: Sanyo lithium batteries

  • External laptop battery pack One for all and wide compatible only by changing the intelligent cable, can be adjusted to use with most of notebook and supports most of different brands and models, as Dell, Apple, IBM, Sony and so on..

  • Standard accessories : intelligent cable, AC adapter

  • Power warning: Light show that when the electricity is running out, to remind you previous data backup or shutdown.

The application of the users :

  1) laptop users for a long time: the user industries, such as military, education, mines, railways, forestry, agriculture and other field workers, notebook crazy gamers

  2) mobile PC users;

  3) 12V inverter: DC voltage from 12V to 220V AC inverter for a variety of portable devices power supply as Dell Latitude D620 Battery .

Lithium batteries power the laptop steady, more secury than the original AC / DC power converters. With high-capacity Dell XPS M140 Battery you can travel in time to work, entertainment and wireless Internet access, or when the emergency response as the use of UPS.

Some users may only believe the OEM laptop battery replacement, worried about that the external laptop battery reduce the laptop security. In fact, users can trust the security of an external battery. External battery make of the lower voltage and control circuitry , with anti-intelligent-off charge, take-off, over-current, over-voltage detection and control circuit, the circuit is more safety of their own notebook charge. In addition, when you buy a external dell vostro 1400 battery , be sure to buy a famous brand batteries, and purchase in the designated agent, avoding buy the second-hand external laptop battery.

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