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The temperature affection for different battery

Nickel-metal hydrides are less tolerant than nickel-cadmium in terms of the charge at low or high temperatures.

Nickel-metal-hydride can not load quickly at temperatures below 10 ° C, nor can they load slowly below 0 ° C. Some chargers are designed so that they Ladekoeffizienten and the ambient temperature change. Price considerations are not allowed to provide Apple PowerBook G4 12 inch Battery battery chargers for consumer electronics with temperature sensors.

At higher temperatures, the charge acceptance of nickel-based Apple PowerBook G4 Battery is drastically reduced. A battery that can hold at room temperature, a medium capacity of 100%, starts at 45 ° C ambient temperature, only 70%, and even only 45% at a temperature of 60 ° C. This highlights the poor performance of some car chargers in the summer!

Lithium-ion Apple PowerBook G4 15 inch (aluminum) Battery provide a good charging in to deep as well at high temperatures. Some cells allow charging with 1.0 C from 0 ° C to 45 ° C. Most lithium-ion cells, however, prefer a lower charge current when the temperature at 5 ° C or falls below. Must be dispensed on the loading below the freezing point, as a coating can be effected by lithium metal.

The lead-acid Apple PowerBook G4 17 inch Battery is not very sensitive to extreme temperatures, as we all know, on the basis of experience with our car batteries. Part of this tolerance is the inertia of lead-acid systems are attributed. Some battery models allow a shop below the freezing point with a small charging current, while others are damaged, and provide only reduced capacitance values, and life expectancy is shortened.

To improve the loading performance of lead-acid Apple PowerBook G4 17 inch Battery at low temperatures and prevent thermal effects during the warm-up, it is important to monitor the charging voltage limits to be set. An installation of this measure can extend the life expectancy of a battery up to 15%. General guidelines recommend making a correction of about 3mV per cell per degree Celsius. The voltage correction has a negative coefficient, ie The threshold voltage decreases when the temperature rises.

Heat kills the Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch Battery! The warmer the cells shorten, the life expectancy. Higher temperatures may not always be foreseen, especially during a fast charge. It must, however, attempt to keep these periods as short as possible. While 45 ° C is temporarily tolerable, begin a battery from 50 ° C damage is increasing. Moreover, cells are warmer in the interior of a battery, always a few degrees when the temperature of the battery case.

Ultra Fast Chargers

Some manufacturers of chargers promise amazingly short loading time of 30 minutes or less. With well-balanced cells and moderate temperature can nickel-cadmium VGP-BPS10 s batteries, which are designed for fast charging, are being charged in a very short time. This is achieved with a simple increase of the charging current during the first 70% of the charge cycle.

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