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85Wh Lithium-Ion 9Cell Latitude D820 Dell battery review

85Wh Lithium-Ion 9Cell Latitude D820 Dell battery review

As we all know, the Latitude D820 is higher than the thin and light 14 "widescreen D620 and the budget oriented 14" standard aspect Latitude D520 battery in the lineup. The D820 is an updated version of the latitude D810 battery and features the Intel Core Duo processor to replace the D810 Pentium M and a significant weight reduction in the D810.

As its big wid screen, so the latitude d820 battery is also can not afford its 3 hours daily work. The first year I bought D820, I used the battery frequently as work and travel, fortunately it died after 10 moths in the dell 1 year warranty. I do not know why the machine is 3 year warranty but the battery is only 1 year warranty. Now I know, after the 3 year used 3 batteries replacement (the second year I buy a Macbook for travel). Now I find some reivew about Dell latitude d820 battery.

I bought 2 types Dell latitude D820 battery : 6Cell and 9Cell. I do not want to say anything about my bad 6 Cell battery (the one died after 10 month). Below is the 9Cell 85Wh batetry photos.

The Latitude D820 battery Tech specs :

Device Type : Notebook battery

Technology : 9-cell lithium ion

Capacity : 85 Wh

Recharge Cycles : 300-500

Work with : Dell latitude D820, Latitude D830 battery

Customer review in Dell web site:

I have run through three laptop batteries in four years on the D820. Only use is CPU and HD, never DVD. Typically charge starts to drop off in 9-12 month time frame to the point that unit will not run on battery for even 1 minute. This is totally unacceptable; by comparison original Mac batty still going strong after several years. Bye, bye Dell - you have ignored this user-expensive issue for years.

I've been a loyal Dell user for years. However, the next laptop I or anyone in my family or circle of friends buys is most likely going to be something other than a Dell. Why? Because if Dell consciously ignores this abundantly-documented laptop battery life problem, who knows what self-serving obsolescence might be built in to newer Dell laptops? This battery fiasco is one of the easiest ways for Dell to lose loyal customers who consistently seek out high-end products because of their requirements for quality and reasonable product life cycle

I purchased 2 extended batteries with my new Latitude D820. Both batteries failed within 1 year. This is not acceptable for items of this cost. If they are this unreliable they should be covered under the extended warranty

Lasted about 14 months the died completely like my Latitude D620 battery. Just made it out of warranty. I guess there was clause in my extended 3yr warranty that the battery is not covered.

The Dell latitude D820 battery replacement Review in Amazon:

This battery, while appearing to be the same size as the Dell original, is just a few millimeters off. As a result, my battery rarely charges.The battery can be docked, but the metal connectors in the battery are not (sufficiently) touching the pins in the system to charge the battery.

To resolve, I have to do everything from jiggling the battery to completely removing & resetting it. Even then the problem is not guaranteed to go away. Finally, the Dell Latitude D830 battery has never charged fully. When the charge is working , it always seems to quit around the 90% area. Since I've had my new battery, I've been running on A/C most of the time, but I am dreading my next trip when I longer have an outlet to plug into.

I received the Batery for my Dell D820, and it fit perfectly! On the Positive side, it was a perfect fit, and when the hard drive is not whirring, the charge indicator says I have over 5 hours of batery life left, which is great. The color of the battery differs from that of the computer only slightly.

On the negative side, the build quality doesn't look as sturdy as the original, and the charge indicator lights look a bit "flimsy", but then again, the original Dell latitude D520 battery lasted me only a year.

Even if this one lasts for the same ammount of time, it still cost me LESS THAN HALF of what an original Dell battery would have cost... As far as I'm concerned, I would recommend this product to anyone who owns a Dell and donesn't want to get ripped off buying $300 battery that will only last a year, maybe even less.

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