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How to better using your car battery Part Two

How to better using your car battery Part Two

4 - Lifting and replace the battery

For the purpose of raising the Dell Latitude D420 Battery must be open and the separation of cables and start racing as we must disconnect the negative cable first and then the positive cable and you should not use force or violence when the disassembly in order not to get damage to link emerging from within the battery Terminal As shown in the picture below.


For the purpose of raising the Dell Latitude D820 Battery must care and caution, especially that were not equipped Bmmsk and the holder of the special battery heavy and may fall, causing spills acid solution and the destruction of the dye and a metal car, or may cause damage to the engine that landed by mistake.

5 - Installing the new battery

Must also be done carefully and install the XPS M1710 battery cables and make sure that the end of the cable clamps related to negative or positive non-worn or Mthrcp diameter and is suitable for Qatar as a connector on the battery is important to note that the diagonal of the node positive and negative points is equal and this means that the lattices related Eabelin positive and negative as well as with different Qtarhama terms.

When installing the clip preferably Chhimh very light layer of petroleum jelly material to prevent corrosion.

And then re-install the battery holder and installed into place to ensure that the specified movement.

6 - Use of sealed batteries, Sealed No Maintenance Batteries modern that do not require maintenance

Containing the battery was appointed to monitor the status of the ThinkPad X41 Tablet Battery . When careful consideration by the index was green, it means that the battery is good, loaded, and the scene was a dark (black) means that the battery needed for shipping and that was the color yellow or colorless, the battery is worn out and must be replaced, and here must be examined carefully and with a lamp detector to make sure.

This type of battery does not need to maintain and add distilled water to examine the density and quality of the solution, but know the condition of the battery and the validity of the eye examination, as explained nose.

Is very appropriate for our country because of the high ambient temperature, which usually cause an increase in evaporation of water from a solution of Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Batteryin summer and cause dryness and damage to the battery, especially when the loss of follow-up and ongoing monitoring of how many batteries does a lot of drivers of vehicles.

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