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6 steps to better using your Car Battery: Part One

6 steps to better using your Car Battery: Part One

Simple steps and through the illustrations you can take care of your car laptop battery. Maintain it in good condition as long as possible and avoid to replace a new battery.

1 - cleaning cables (connectors)

Cleans the surface of the Inspiron 1521 Battery up and take note of any corrosion on the heads and clips (a tablespoon of soda (bicarbonate), then dissolved a cup of warm water and non-metallic brush to rubbe the cleared sediment and then pours cold water to remove these sediment and the bicarbonates.

But before you disconnect the cable, be sure that do not lose the programming may be used in some devices of car attachement such as radio programming, radio stations. You can use this simple link (shown below the image) to ensure the electrical power supply suitable for the memory of those devices during the battery separation period. 9 volts Dell Inspiron 710m Battery is enough to temporary keep the memory of radio electric and would be sufficient for a period of a hour.


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Separating the cables and start the negative cable to prevent accidental short-circuit (Short Circuit to car body), using the header key measure Drill 5 / 16 in Box Wrench or any other nut install a link cable, and then clean the grate and brushing link Bgha Almgamsp solution of bicarbonates can also soak the cup containing the link to the bicarbonates to get rid of acid deposition on lattice and calcifying link.

2 - open manhole covers of battery

And check the level of the acid solution within the view of the battery through the holes, where the level must be the solution about 1 / 2 Ang lead-up sheet inside the Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery , in the case of the low level of this strengthens the addition of distilled water to raise the level of liquid to 1 / 2 Ang required, and attention should be not to add a lot of distilled water causing rash solution outside of the battery.

Should be left for the distilled water to mix with the solution in the meantime, check and inspect the body of the battery from the cracks or broken as in this case requires replacement of the battery with new ones.

After it is better to re-connect cables to the Latitude X300 Battery so as not to lose the programming of peripheral devices.

3 - Checking the battery charge

Density of the solution should be checked using a test known as Almkthav Hydrometer the Latitude D830 Battery is fully charged when the readings in all the holes is 1.265 or higher, and if the reads 1.200 or less, it means that the battery had lost its shipped and must be re-shipped (and this test and reading mean specific gravity the solution).

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