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why laptop battery suddenly stop discharging

why laptop battery suddenly stop discharging


Maybe we all face this situation : Some times we should travel to some place as the business or holiday. You know the 12 hours or more journey time is too wearily. So we like enjoy ourself with our laptop to watch movie or play game. Suddenlly the Dell Latitude D620 Battery stop dischargging in the 70% power state or more. You maybe very confuse about this : maybe some problem with my laptop or my laptop dead. In fact most of them are caused by the temperature or the over-Current.

Most laptop batteries have the protection circuit. When the laptop battery temperature is too high or discharge current is too large, out of laptop battery protection circuit action standards. Thus causing the Dell Latitude D600 Battery power automatically stop discharging and force the issue.

The most common situation is that laptop battery is running at full speed . The Dell Inspiron 710m Battery current is too large to result in automatic protection. For example, from the drive to capture the contents of DVD discs into the mobile hard disk, when a large number of both host and peripheral power consumption, is likely to make current standards of protection beyond the battery. D0 not panic in that case. You only used to disconnect peripherals and wait about 10 minutes, then you can reboot the machine.

There is also a common situation : using the battery in a hot environment and high-load operation, , so that the ambient temperature plus the heat generated by the battery self-discharge Dell Inspiron 640m Battery protection circuit may exceed the preset temperature, which is particularly high frequency P4 machines in high-temperature environment may occur after high-speed operation.

Encountered such a situation should remove the batteries placed in a cooler place (remember not to put refrigerator frozen!), After half an hour should be back to normal. High temperature for the lithium Dell TC030 Dell PC764 battery damage is relatively large, less than a last resort and should be avoided in high-temperature environment and high-load operation.

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