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Dell tip for lithum laptop battery

Dell tip for lithum laptop battery

Q Is it easy to install a battery?

a Yes, very easy. First, make sure all open files are saved. Next, either attach the aC adapter directly to the lap or set the system to "hibernate" mode or shut off. Release the latch on the current battery, and simply install the replacement Dell Latitude D830 Battery.

Q Will Dell laps accept non-Dell batteries?

a Dell has a rigorous qualification process by which all Dell batteries are validated to ensure proper function, performance and safety. Some non-Dell batteries are available in the market with claims of compatibility with Dell systems. Dell cannot verify these claims, nor the safety of using them in a Dell system. Dell strongly encourages our customers to use only Dell lap batteries advertised as appropriate for their lap model. Only Dell lap batteries come with a 1-year warranty, are engineered for optimal safety and performance for Dell systems, and are supported by Dell technical support for the length of the warranty period.

Q What is a modular bay battery?

a In some lap systems Dell offers a Latitude D620 Battery that can be used in the optical drive media bay (DVD/CD drive bay). This enables the use of two batteries, potentially extending the available run time.

Q If I install a modular bay battery, are my primary and modular bay batteries working at the same time to power my lap computer?

a No, the modular bay battery is used first, then the system automatically switches to the primary battery. This is a deliberate design to allow the most amount of run time to remain in the primary Dell KD476 Dell U4873  battery in case the modular bay battery is removed and replaced with an optical drive.

Q For what use is the strip of LED lights on my battery?

a Most Dell batteries have an LED indicator that allows users to see how much run time and how much overall battery life are available at the touch of a button.

To check Sony VGP-BPS8  charge, press the button and the number of lights that appear will tell you charge status. If all lights appear, you have a fully charged battery. Each light that appears accounts for approximately 20% charge.

To check the battery health, press and hold the status button on the battery charge gauge for at least 3 seconds. If no lights appear, the battery is in good condition and approximately more than 80 percent of its original charge capacity remains. Each light represents incremental degradation. If five lights appear, approximately less than 60 percent of the charge capacity remains, and you should consider replacing the Inspiron 1100 Battery .

Q What does Dell recommend for battery storage for a long period of time?

a When storing for more than 4 days these guidelines can better preserve the life of your battery:

Do not store batteries for long periods plugged into or attached to any power source. This includes aC adapters and lap security carts plugged into an outlet.

Lap batteries, including those stored in lap systems, should maintain an Operational Storage Temperature of 0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F).

Batteries may be stored in the lap or outside of the lap.

Charge batteries before storing. The recommended charging time should not exceed 1 hour. Typically, this should charge the laptop battery to between 80% and 100%. (Some discharge will take place over time. Stored batteries are expected to discharge 10-15% over a four month period, for your information.)

Q are there restriction with taking lithium-ion batteries on planes?

a Effective January 1, 2008, the Department of Transportation (DOT) through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety administration (PHMSa) will no longer allow loose lithium VGP-BPS9/B  batteries in checked baggage. These batteries may continue to be packed in carry-on baggage.

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