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The Sony External VGP-BPS8 laptop battery review

The Sony External VGP-BPS8 laptop battery review

I owned my Sony VGN-FZ for about 1 years. Now its original battery is nearly dead (just work about 30 minutes). Though the new battery can last about 2-3 hours when fully charged. I asked Sony Customre service if they can replace or repaire the battery for me. They said they can do nothing as the battery out of its warranty (just advise me to calibrate it).

As my work need to travel to everywhere in London, so I need a battery replacement urgently. I can not find anything from except "No match documents was found for your search. Please try with different keyword(s)." I serched in and find many original VGP-BPS8 batteries, but I cannot belive them(my last original latitude d620 battery which buing from a online shop is just a second-hand battery). So I choose a website : which sell the Sony VGP-BPS8 replacement.

After view the battery detail info and website shipping return policy, I decide to buy the external 7800mAh VGP-BPS8 battery. As it is 3000mAh more capacity than my 4800mAh. I think it can last longer but the 10400mAh one is too big and heavy. I ordered the battery in October 15 and received it in 25. It cost me 95.89 pounds and 10 pound shipping fee.

To my superise the package was sent with a CD, I do not know what it is. But When I installed the Sony VGP-BPS8 battery my laptop cannot recognize the battery. So I sent a email to the customer service about this, now they replied me in time (just after 10 minutes later). They said that I must update my Bios driver with the CD to help my machine run the battery. I did this and finally my laptop can work without the adapter.

My notebook power management shows it actually 7800mAh and can last 4.5 hours. Now I can go everywhere with my VGN-SZ. Something I want to say is that the battery is a little heavy . The battery sticks out of the laptop .. so get used to the new look of your laptop. Haha. Also you can buy the VGP-BPS8 battery in their partener website:

Some customer review may useful to you in Amazon (Original Sony laptop battery):

1) The laptop battery on FZ doesn't charge up all the way or maybe it's my laptop.

2) The battery sticks out of the laptop .. so get used to the new look of your laptop.

3) The battery stopped charging after only one week of purchase. The vendor (Infinite-Surplus) wouldn't return the battery and asked me to go through Sony which wasn't a great experience

I expected this battery to last longer (< 3 hrs) and didn't realize how it's design fits with the FZ series laptop. It props up the base of the laptop but is off-center due to the placement of the battery compartment. Make sure you lock the battery in, because it's designed to be used as a handle for the laptop and works well that way.

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