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Laptop battery using FAQ

Laptop battery using FAQ

Q: How to store the laptop battery if not used for a long time?

A: Charge or discharge the Dell D5318 to about 40% state, and then placed in temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius dry place, the temperature is too high and too low are easy to accelerate cell aging.

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Q: Should I remove the battery when notebook work with power?

A: It does not matter, the laptop battery own a protection circuit to avoid over-charging.

Q: My battery is now only work a very short period of time, how should I do?

A: If you've been use your battery frequently, then it belongs to cell aging which can not be avoided. You should change a new Dell U4873 battery or change the battery inside cells; If you store the battery for a long time, it may also lead to this situation. You need to completely discharge (up to fail to boot up) and then full chargerd, repeated several times to activate the battery.

Q: Laptop adapter can used in other laptop?

A: No, there are three obstacles, the first is the notebook computer manufacturers use various different voltage, such as IBM are 16V, COMPAQ mostly 18.5V, SONY VGP-BPS8 part of the model is 19.5V, are inconsistent. The second is different from the needs of current laptop is different from the 2A ~ 5.4A have a small machine needs a smaller current, big machine in the latter case. The third is the various manufacturers notebook power adapter interfaces are different, it is difficult general. Therefore there is no universal laptop adapter at present.

Q: Why does my IBM laptop screen brightness lower when using battery as using power?

A: This is the IBM default settings for random power management which is aimed at energy-saving:). If you do not like it, you can control software in IBM's ThinkPad Configuration Utility, select LCD project, then changed brightness from Normal to High. The Display option can set in the BIOS.

Q: Do the first three chargeing time must last 12 hours to new VGP-BPS9 battery?

A: This is not necessary because the current laptop has a prefect charge-discharge power management when the battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the circuit state.

Q: In order to prevent memory effect, we should charge the battery when it is fully discharged?

A: Every time charge of battery discharge is not necessary but harmful. Practice has proved that the Latitude d420 battery deeply discharge will shorten the life. Generally you should charge your battery when it is in 10% state. When the battery power is still more than 30%,donot charge the battery because the memory effect exist more or less.

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