Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Laptop Batteries lose power

Q: When I lost power last week, my laptop six years ago, abruptly closed, even though the Compaq Presario CQ40 battery supposedly had a good full charge for three hours. If the battery has a problem?

A: Yes, lithium-ion batteries in most laptops lose capacity after each cycle of loading and unloading.

How much?

Hewlett-Packard estimated that these models are 80 percent of their original capacity "after 300 cycles or about one year reduced the use." Dell recommends that most people "significant" drop in to see the life of the battery after 18-24 months. And Apple says its batteries will be reduced to 80 percent of capacity after 300 cycles, while inaccessible units in your new laptop will take 1000 cycles to reach that point.

I have seen a significant reduction in the lifetime of Presario CQ50 batteries, only a few years. After six years? Forget it - the battery is gone. Get a new considering the purchase of an aftermarket dealer may charge less than the original manufacturer.

Q: I need to move files between a Mac and a PC. Which disc formats do I need?

A: The easiest way is the one used in most of the removable disk in Windows, FAT32 (the letters for "File Allocation Table stand"). can read and write Mac and PC and discs in this format. Almost all internal hard drives used by Windows, however, a higher capacity version called NTFS (NT File System), Apple Mac can read but need the help of additional software, such as free MacFuse to write it.

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