Thursday, September 16, 2010

A charger for disposable batteries?

Alkaline-manganese Laptop batteries (disposable batteries) recharge instead of throwing away


Even now, the most widely used batteries: alkaline manganese batteries, causing thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste annually.

According to a Eurostat statistics in Germany alone, on an annual 1.5 billion laptop batteries on the market. These batteries cause a waste of about 8,000 tons with the largest share, about 70%, attributable to alkaline batteries. A waste disposal directive of the European Parliament and working on batteries and accumulators are now even before the minimum collection targets for spent batteries and accumulators of 25% or 45%, which are to be achieved but not until the year 2012 and 2016th

By using a battery charger for alkaline batteries per year could be at least 2,500 tons of battery waste be prevented in Germany alone. This corresponds to about 250 trucks laden with 10 tonnes of small alkaline batteries. Not only the environment would be spared, special saved a lot of money.

The Dutch company imported sand floor Imports and sells throughout Europe now such a charger which has been specially developed for alkaline manganese batteries. This battery charger is very easy and safe to handle and can of course also the modern rechargeable HP Pavilion DV9000 batteries.

With this easy to use and inexpensive battery charger, the so-called disposable batteries to be recharged easily and safely. In general, a HP Pavilion DV8000 battery capacity of up to 90% of the initial capacity is reached.

According to Managing Director Floris de Brouwer, the current response from dealers and consumers was very positive and demonstrated the great value of this Dell Inspiron 1520 battery charger.

Protect our Earth : Do not Throw your money away , protect the environment and load their disposable batteries just now again.

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