Friday, May 21, 2010

Tips for phones - iPod to increase battery life


Apple iPod, an MP3 player with the unheard-of storage capacity of 5 gigabytes. Six iPod generations later, the iPod plays songs, movies, games and photo slideshows, and you can store up to 160 GB of any type of file you want. The evolution has been a lesson in consumer electronics marketing and development: Millions of people are so hooked on the iPod, they continue to buy it and its coordinating Apple products despite quick laptop battery death and difficult repairs.

Now we can enjoy more and more songs and music everytime everywhere as the iPod storage. But the iPod Apple laptop battery capacity is not increase the more as the storage. So we must learn how to use the iPod battery properly to increase the battery life.

Your phone or MP3 player iPod or any device Apple A1008 Apple A1039 battery is normally technoloogical lithium polymer. Useful for about 500 charges. Only 500 you ask? Charing is a cycle in which the battery is completely empty.

If you are charging the phone, Mp3 battery every two days. On average 500 charges should last you almost 3 years.

Here are some tips to increase battery life.

Do not let the battery die completely
To get the maximum Apple A1045 Apple A1061 battery life. Do not let the 100% discharge until it is dead. However little you use your phone, MP3 player iPod, fully charge once every three weeks to prevent the battery goes flat. If you go on vacation for a month, you should pick up the phone or MP3 player iPod with you and what charges.

Try to reduce the power required.
A car that is the use of air with more fuel used. A phone or an MP3 player iPod with ligh in the day when you're using more Apple A1079 , Apple A1175 battery. In an iPod, this is called "backlight", which can be easily disabled. Avoid playing music sound is too high. The higher the battery power more to use.

Hopes the tips help your enjoy the music with iPod.

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