Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hack laptop battery notice

In the last article, We introduce the way "How to hack dead laptop battery". But as far as we know the hack battery is a dangerous and perplexing work for the professional guy. Most of us only know how to take apart the battery pack and solder the cells to the circuit board, this may cause some damage to electrocircuit.

After using for a long time, the laptop battery capacity would reduce, resulting in shortened life of the notebook. This is mainly caused by an internal battery batteries aging failure. In serious condition, we cant solve the problem by battery calibration procedures or repeatedly charging and discharging. For this issue, many fans will open the battery case, to find the failure and replace batteries cells, they think that will be able to solve the problem. The actual situation is really so?

Carefully Replace the battery cells

Most laptop battery are made up of lithium-ion batteries cells, and lithium-ion Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery life is basically a constant, only 500 ~ 800 times charge life. Therefore, if the regular use of batteries for notebook power supply, 1 ~ 2 years later, due to the internal battery aging, it is easy to achieve the life of the batteries expire. Although we have detected in the open cell batteries, the show is a one or two damaged batteries. even if you replace the failure batteries, the battery return back to normal in a short period of time, it can not be used again soon as the entire failure of other batteries.

In that case, replace all the internal laptop battery can solve the problem? In fact, it is difficult to do this. Because in the original battery, its internal batteries is a precise match, and the capacity of batteries, terminal voltage and internal resistance are in a good consistency. And the battery we buy in the market has not been tested and matched, we can not matching for the batteries under the amateur condition, so the capacity, internal resistance and other parameters will inevitably vary. In the internal battery, the batteries are charged together after the series (in the majority of notebook batteries, the batteries will be divided into eight groups, four in series and then parallel to form a battery pack), as a result of the rechargeable battery the same current, in which the smallest capacity batteries will of course be full of electricity, while the other is not enough battery power, the battery terminal voltage can not set the voltage, charging circuit will continue to charge Dell Inspiron 640m Battery pack. In this way, the original fully charged rechargeable batteries will be over-charged.

To reduce the charge time, the current of laptop charging circuit is very big, it will produce great heat when charging, so the liquid batteries temperature and pressure rise, internal electrolyte easily dry or overflow , so the batteries capacity decline and even explose. The total storage capacity of the battery determined by one of the smallest capacity batteries, and this will turn into a vicious cycle, after repeated charge-discharge, the entire battery capacity will significantly decline.

At the same time, a number of laptop batteries in order to prevent unauthorized users to open the replacement of Vostro 1310 battery , have the smart chip protection and anti-line openings. As long as the shell to open the battery or batteries from the battery in the circuit board removed, intelligent protection circuit will stop the output of the battery. Even if we put the batteries back to the battery circuit board or close the battery case, the protection of its smart chip still can not be restored. In this way, the battery will not be able to normal output. We need to reset the smart chip in order to solve this problem, but the amateur conditions, we are unable to reset the smart chip. Therefore, from time to time change batteries cell may cause permanent damage to the battery.

So, how do we solve the battery problem? The best way is to buy a new original battery, but now a new original Vostro 1320 battery or even a few thousand dollars, to spend so much money is too high, exceeding the carrying capacity of many consumers. However, there are a number of professional notebook repair station, its equipment and technology are good, but there are some repair stations and manufacturers of batteries there is a long-term cooperative relations, the battery can be manufactured to precise matching. This will ensure the maintenance of quality.

In these places the price of batteries for about 300 million, although replacement of batteries on their own to higher prices, but will keep the dell vostro 1500 battery's long-term use. In addition, some maintenance stations for maintenance had also carried out a six-month battery warranty. And we use these six months, as long as there are a hundred times to ensure that the battery charge and discharge around, and battery capacity and stability during this period, then after the battery will enter a stable period, the damage is not easy.

Have know-how to maintain the battery

In any case, replace the batteries do not need our small price to pay, so we have to use in day-to-day attention to the maintenance of the battery to extend battery life.

To protect the battery, first of all to reduce the number of Vostro 1510 battery , that is to say when in the city, do not use the battery as much as possible. This can reduce the number of battery charge and discharge, longer battery life. While this caused some inconvenience to use, but every time you think about the use of batteries, need money to pay two dollars, or you take it easy.

The internal structure of the battery

Battery calibration procedures can extend the battery life, has been a subject of heated discussion. Support the view that correction can eliminate the battery memory effect of batteries to extend battery life. The opponents believe that the use of lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, so the correction process will only increase the number of battery charge and discharge and shorten battery life. In fact, understanding these two are not comprehensive. Although lithium-ion batteries to reduce the memory effect, but the memory effect still exists.

Indeed the Vostro 1520 battery calibration can reduce the memory effect, but this is not the most important, the battery calibration procedure is to establish the main functions of the dell vostro 1400 battery and control circuit so that the control circuit can correctly identify the capacity of the battery, so to avoid battery overcharge or over-discharge phenomenon. At the same time, the system can also be exhausted before the battery shutdown to protect data security. However, the frequent use of battery calibration procedures will increase the number of battery charge and discharge. Therefore, we run once every three months about the battery calibration procedures it.

We in the use of batteries for notebook power supply or power adapter for charging the Vostro 1710 battery , do not unplug the notebook's battery. Because the battery is charging or discharging state, the currents are very large, if we try to plug the battery, then, it is easy to have a spark, not only will cause contact of ablation, may also be caused by the impact of current circuit board or battery laptop charging circuit damage.

In addition, many people there are still some misunderstanding on the use of batteries. For example, the "new purchase to go through the Vostro 1720 battery charging and discharging several times to activate," "notebook batteries do need to put a" matter of fact, with the memory effect of lithium batteries and battery to reduce the improvement of internal protection circuits. These factors impact on the battery capacity has been very small, we run on a regular basis as long as the battery calibration procedure of these operations will be able to eliminate the impact of the battery, so we need not care too much for this purpose to wait on your notebook, after all, the battery is used used.


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