Thursday, May 13, 2010

Asus Eee PC is becoming the history

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Along with the Intel readjustment, after Netbook experienced a prosperous age, it become step into the old age. Asus and Acer are the first to announce stop developing & researching netbooks to follow the light & thin laptop battery comprehensively.?

According to relative media reported the two laptops manufacturers, Asus and Acer has already stop the develop working of this second half year but turn all the energy into the light & thin notebooks like Latitude D600 battery. This is mainly because Intel postponed the publication of next generation netbook flat roof Pine Trail-M and MID flat roof Pine Trail-D to the 1st quarter of 2010.

But there is some information disclosed that ASUS may promote Android flat roof netbook products the later of this year, but the publication date is after October. Besides, touch model flat netbook Eee PC T91/T101 products will be follow up after the official selling of Windows 7 with dell laptop battery.

Another side, for the light & thin laptops based on CULV flat roof, ASUS already prepared 12 inch, 13.3 inch, and 15 inch machine type, 13.3 inch is the mainstream products, and it will be increased 12 inch and 14 inch model in August as Ibook G4 battery.

For Acer, the netbook products are still promote 10 inch Acer Aspire One battery series as the main products. Regarding the light & thin laptops, Acer already own 13.3 inch, 14.1 inch, and 15.6 inch, three machine models, and plan to add the model with collocation of ROM and independent display card according to the needs of market.

The two leading manufactures stop developing netbook products to developing thin and small laptop (Powerbook G4 battery), it is not some goods news for netbook market and it will bring chain-reacting. Meanwhile, it also proved that netbook market has already passed and will be replaced by light & thin laptops.

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