Monday, January 18, 2010

How to prolong digital cameras battery life

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How to prolong digital cameras battery life


At present, digital cameras have been widely used. How to extend digital cameras battery life, 7 kinds of methods introduced here:

(A) Less flash. Flash power consumption is the largest in the Kodak and Dell KD186 Dell Y9943 automatic mode and PASM mode, the flash can be turned off (scene mode exception).

(B) Turn off auto-zoom. Camera's default setting is continuous AF zoom, which is the camera around the scene on a continuous zoom, in the setting menu will be a continuous zoom into a single, the icon for the Dell G5266 Dell GW240 AF.

(C) Reduce image editing times in the camera . Applications readers up in the computer editing view pictures, if we did not have the camera to edit view pictures, would be able to save half of the electricity.

(D) a change in image format. According to their Latitude D600 Battery actual needs, the pictures taken will be transferred as far as possible into the low-storage format. This camera can speed up time to write disk, naturally a power-saving.

(E) Viewfinder LCD screen when you minimize the use of multi-use Latitude D830 Battery EVF viewfinder.

(Vi) to reduce the number of zoom. Telephoto lens to narrow the disparity is indeed a lot of power Yo!

(7) in the setting menu to switch off Latitude D820 Battery unnecessary switches.

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