Friday, February 5, 2010

Six steps make you use lithium battery safely and long

Six steps make you use lithium battery safely and long


The world's largest computer manufacturer Dell Inc. announced that they will recall millions of laptop batteries. Because these batteries can catch fire. The batteries were produced by Japan's Sony Inc that famouse of its lithium battery technology. A few days ago, Sony's own laptop batteries are also burned in the United States.

Lithium-ion laptop batteries now are becoming the synonym of insecurity. They has even been called "technological terrorism" : technical imperfections caused by security threats by some American columnists.

However, despite this, life had to continue. We currently can not leave them because lithium-ion batteries is the most important part of the thin and light portable electronic products.

So, scientists are rearching alternative fuel-cell to replace lithium-ion Inspiron 6000 Battery . At the same time for ordinary consumers, we must know how to use lithium-ion batteries safely, that is probably more practical.

First of all, we can not ignore the lithium battery. We should know that rechargeable Dell inspiron 1545 battery is "a source of strength" of portable electronic devices that you can see everywhere . From notebook to cell phones, from cell phones to MP3, from digital cameras to electric bicycles, from the CD machine to digital camcorder. However, we often take a little attention to them, unless the phone is power off when a important call coming , or we prepare the luggage for a trip.

Recent events made us realize that the battery is very important to our daily life, so we have to understand them.

Lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) rechargeable Dell Latitude D520 Battery, typically used in notebook computers, mobile phones and iPod. There is also a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH). This battery is currently mainly used in cordless phones, cheap digital camera and a small part of the notebook computer.

Some simple note will let you lithium-ion battery using relatively more secure and more longevity.

First, do not contact the dell vostro 1400 battery positive and negative part with metal objects. Place the lithium battery stay away from metal objects and the high temperature areas in order to avoid the battery short-circuit.

Second, you'd better charge lithium-ion dell vostro 1000 battery with original charger, or it will damage the battery and shorten their life, serious may even cause an explosion.

Third, frequently use is a good way for lithium battery live longer. But let laptop battery always in the charge state is not OK.

Fourth, the lithium-ion battery has no memory effect. Do not need to fully charged the Sony VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9/S battery when charging, so the battery is used not to in 0 ‰. Especilly for the camera lithium-ion battery, once the power state in zero, then the battery protection circuit starts. Some manufacturers battery (as Sony) cut off the main circuit inside, then the battery locked.

Fifth, when a battery not in use for long time, the Sony VGP-BPS8A VGP-BPS9/Blaptop battery should be stored at low temperature, dry environment, away from heat, do not placed in direct sunlight areas. Generally considered, it should be charging to about 40% of the electricity and store at 10 to 30 degrees Celsius temperatures. Do not forget charge the battery every six months or so.

Sixth, when the laptop in hibernate mode but the VGP-BPS9 Sony VGP-BPS9A/B battery is in working state, so you had better turn off the computer when not using. In addition, if your laptop has Bluetooth, or wireless capabilities, it is best to turn off when not in use these features, as they search for available networks is also to be power-hungry.

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