Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The life of lithium batteries may be extended: store and charge

The life of lithium batteries may be extended: store and charge

If possible, the Dell latitude d600 battery should be stored in a cool place with 40% charged. A certain energy reserve is needed to keep the operations of the battery and its protection circuit, during prolonged storage. The worst combination is full charge and high temperature. This happens when the phone or spare battery in a hot car to stay. Using a laptop with a mains supply is similar to temperature problems. If a battery is fully charged, the internal temperature rises during use at about 45 ° C.

Removing the battery from the laptop when it is fed by the network, protects the kd476 Dell d5318 c1295 battery from overheating, but different laptop and battery manufacturers warn. They say that dust and moisture can damage the laptop. The seller will be lucky if he can sell them a replacement battery, maybe a little earlier than really necessary.

But the question is often asked whether the laptop should be unplugged when not in use. With lithium-ion, this is not an issue. Once the latitude d620 battery is fully charged, no additional charge current flows more. It is however recommended to switch off the laptop overnight, because of heat damage to the battery.

A large number of lithium-ion batteries is finally disposed of during the warranty period. Some of the defective batteries are sent to a service center or the manufacturer, where they are regenerated. Studies show that 80-90% of the returned latitude d610 battery can be repaired and reinstated.

Some lithium-ion batteries fail due to deep discharge. If the discharge to a lower cell voltage of 2.5 V / cell, leads, opens the internal protection circuit and the battery seems to be dead. A charge with the original charger is impossible. Some battery analyzers (Cadex) have the ability to reactivate a Boost (wake-up) function, the protection circuit such a 'defective' aspire 3000 battery, and thus allow the loading process again.

However, if the cell voltage below 1.5 volts per cell has fallen, and remains for several days in this condition should be waived on a recharge for security reasons. To prevent such margins, a battery should never be stored fully discharged. Charge the battery before storing something and then load it fully before the recent use.

All the PC (personal computer) and some other electronic devices that contain a backup battery for internal memory. This battery is usually a small, non-rechargeable lithium pcga bp2v pa3450u 1brs battery, which delivers a small current when the device is switched off. The PC uses the battery to be able to store certain information, even if the device is switched off. These are the entries in the BIOS, the current date and time, and allocating resources of the Plug and Play system. The memory function is to shorten life expectancy by a backup battery for a few years.

Some people say one to two years. If the PC connected to the network, even though he is off, should the backup battery on the PC mother board for 5 to 7 years his gut. A PC should display a timely reminder, if this backup Apple a1008 Sony vgp bps5 battery is weak. A non-operational back-up battery leads to the loss of the volatile memory, and some settings may be lost. According to replace the backup battery, the PC should again be operational.

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