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6 Tips To optimize the notebook battery power

6 Tips To optimize the notebook battery power

Tip 1

Windows power management switch


The operating system can affect energy consumption. The following settings slowing your notebook quite a bit more, but you work much longer without laptop battery electricity.

Example Windows XP: Click the right mouse button on a blank spot on the desktop and then in the drop down list on the Properties entry. In the next window, followed by mouse clicks on screen saver Sony VGP-BPS8 power management.

Saving features of Windows XP, turn on


Power Schemes section, click on the menu, Portable / Laptop and in the list on Max Battery.

Your notebook is now working a bit slower but more sustained. If you need more speed, time, repeat these steps again and select Portable / Laptop VGP-BPS2 VGP-BPS9. If you arrive later, more in the longer battery life, you again set the minimal battery power.

Tip 2

Strong electricity consumers off

Some devices in the notebook is turned on permanently, even if you do not need them. With a few tricks to help you with the Sony VGP-BPS2C VGP-BPS9/S laptop battery a longer life:

Turn off the backlight of the screen. Virtually all notebooks have special keys, in our example, the function keys F6/F7.

Tap while holding down the Fn button repeatedly to F6 to abzudimmen the lighting as much as possible. If the point of view then it is too bad times, tap while holding down the ThinkPad T60 Battery Fn key to F7.


Strong electricity consumers off

Turn off the speakers if you do not listen to music or watch videos. In the bottom right on the desktop only on the speaker icon, then on clay to set in front of a hook. If you want to hear about the ThinkPad T61 Battery laptop speakers a bit when you remove the hook on the same way again.

Alternative: If possible, use a mini-headphones, such as an MP3 player. He needs less power than the laptop speakers and also sounds better.

Make sure that your laptop ThinkPad X60 Battery , the Bluetooth function is turned off (if available and if you do not want a wireless connection to another Bluetooth device manufacturing). When activated, is continually searching for available Bluetooth devices, which costs battery power.


Turn off as the "Firewire" connector (for connecting a video camera): Click on the + in front of "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers", then followed by a double-click on RICOH OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller.

In the Properties window that opens, select the Driver tab. Clicking on disable the Inspiron 1501 Battery Firewire jack is paralyzed. A subsequent safety query answering in the affirmative. Clicking on OK terminates the process.

In the same way you disable a built-in modem, the network adapter or the USB controller - if you do not need .

Disable WLAN: On most new laptops, there is a button to turn off the wireless mode on or off. Read the Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery instructions for your appliance stop for information on how to search for a local wireless network. The wireless network provides redundant power search if you want to use just do not have Internet access.

Tip 3

Proper Battery Care

To keep your notebook battery for a long time, his performance reserves, are followings:

• If you need longer time to work with your Latitude D800 Battery notebook to the mains supply, remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place.
• The charge for storage should be between 40 and 50 percent.

• Avoid too long disuse by a deep discharge (below five percent), which can destroy the battery. Invite him full on a regular basis and then work with the battery until the storage charge is reached.

Tip 4

Avoid overheating

Your battery is a cool part, strong heat does not like. Should be stored in heater nearby and also working in the blazing sun to avoid because the battery immediately reacts to heat - With Affliction, expressed Dell D5318 Dell GD761 in faster discharge.

The built-in fans spin faster over high heat, which reduces the battery power in addition.

Tip 5

Up and discharge cycle
Especially when brand-new battery it is advisable to go through a full Lade-/Entladezyklus to ensure that the Dell Inspiron E1405 Battery electric power storage reaches its full capacity.

Tip 6

Cleaning notebook
Access times more likely to brush or the vacuum cleaner and you free up your Dell Inspiron 1420 Battery notebook from dust, especially the drainage and ventilation openings. The portable computer can blow through the better and the internal fan to work less. This conserves battery power and quieter it is.

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