Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6 tips to repair your computer in Computer Repair Shop


We all want to find a reassuring shops that can resolve the problems of computer desktop, server, laptop etc. Generally they carry their equipment to any shops. They all want to pay the cheaper price and get the best quality of service. For this I want to give some advice to help you to decide it is reliable or not to leave our IdealPad S12 battery to a stranger or shop.

1.Believe that 90% of the computers can be repaired without formatting, no matter that contain viruses, corrupted records, or the performance of the machine is slow, CAN BE FIXED WITHOUT BEING FORMATTED. In any case the formatting is the last choice. As the formatting will delete many information and files in Lenovo G550 battery hard disk.

2.You must ask the shop not to examine and store the laptop files. You must enure that the technicians who repairs your Lenovo G460 battery fully backup your information. As you will not want to face that situation. When your computer is ready , but all photos of the trips, the music you downloaded, all documents and emails are lost.

3.Please submit a report that record the ThinkPad T510 battery troubles display in detail before the repair. Figure out what were the faults found and how its causes. That will help the repaire shops find out and repair the problem quickly.

4.Ask a report of installed updates, installed antivirus and backup recovery and detail problems. You do not want to return to the shop because the problem occurs again. In most computer repair shops, they just reinstall the operating system and backup your Lenovo 3000 V200 battery information, You must have the latest computer updates with the latest operating system patches, antivirus software and MUST be strictly a backup program.

5.Do a complete checkup and use before take the computer home. You can use some professional computer check tools (CPU-Z) to check the laptop hardware changed or not.

6.Finally, most repaire shops can give you basic guide to PC care to prevent your laptop from same problem damage.

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