Monday, August 9, 2010

Save money in replacing laptop battery

Was your laptop battery completely dead? Well, do not throw them away at the moment. You have several options to return to the track and use your notebook or laptop. You could be paying a cost of 40 $, which is typical for the cost of a replacement battery.

A word of warning, I would not buy a new replacement unless the Sony VGP-BPS9/B battery is completely useless, and is on the way to recycling.

Ok The cheaper alternative is to replace the Cell Pack in the XPS M1330 Battery. So you have to remove the battery from your laptop. Proceed to open the package carefully, using a screwdriver should be fine. Inside are a number of battery Cells.

If they are leaking then you may consider stopping this process. If they continue I must stress to be very careful.

Ok now you must identify the replacement XPS M1530 Battery (cells) and note exactly how they are connected. You should verify that the cells are dead by testing with a multimeter or other device.

Once you have identified which one is dead and need to replace, should have a slightly higher milliampere value the old. After receiving the replacements you need to do any welding, using safety equipment and make sure that all connections are intact. At this moment, you should try the new batteries to ensure they operate properly.

Place the Inspiron 1520 Battery case back together and seal. Place the unit back into the laptop and start enjoying your laptop.

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